CrazyPik – A New Photo Editor Software Online

CrazyPik is single Platform to edit and store images. Register or login to access your dashboard, image editor and other features.. To gain access to this awesome photo editor you have to sign up first. This is a easy step, all you have to do is enter your email address and password (use a active email address).

Once Done you can check the dashboard Like this :-

Once done! You can check the upload button right above. Click on it and upload any pic which you want to edit it. Once done the image will be stored in your images folder and you can check from dashboard itself.

Here comes the step to edit in CrazyPik :-

Step1 :- To Edit You have to first right click and click on open in photo editor.

Step2 :- Adding Text to the pic. Pick a font and type your awesome text.

Step3 :- Drawing Section – You can add scribble the photo however you want or you can draw a picture all by yourself.

Step4 :- You can add different Filters in pic just like Instagram and snapchat.

Step 5 :- Adding Shapes to the images. This feature you can use however you want. Lets take a example i can add a rectangle shape and write a text upon it.

Step 6 :- Here Comes the last step and a great feature – Adding Stickers.

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