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Friendship day is celebrated internationally .The first World Friendship day was proposed in 1958 particularly in Paraguay. This day is celebrated in several southern south American countries. The first world’s friendship day was proposed on 30th July in 1958.


Friendship day is celebrated in different states on different dates. The General Assembly of the United Nations declared Friendship day on 30th of July month. However in other countries including India, this day is celebrated on the first Sunday of the August month. It is one of the popular events of the world especially to the youth community who want to dedicate this complete day to their most special friends and enjoy the whole day with them. This day everyone roam with their friends and even make new friends. On this day everyone forget their past memories, fights, arguments etc. and as a honour to their friend they tie a band which is known as the friendship band. This band indicates that they will be friends forever, in whatever situation you are whether it is bad or good they will be with them forever. As this is the most popular event Everyone like to send friendship day quotes messages or else keep friendship day status. So here are some friendship day quotes , messages :-


Friendship is a little more trust,A little less try,A little more laugh,And a little less cry,A little more WE and a little less I.

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Flower remembers bees, Fish remembers water, Tree remembers the rain, At this moment I remember you! To say happy friendship day to U!


Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!


Beauty is start of life, beauty is art of life, risk is part of life, and good friend is heart of life .


Sometimes, All A Person Needs Is A Friend,To Listen To Them And Not Judge Them.That Is What u Are To Me. Thank u For Being My Best Friend.


A Good Friend Is A Huge Blessing From God. I Thank The Heavens Every Day For Bringing You Into My Life. You Are The Best.


I Say and u Listen,its a Good Friendship.u Say and I Listen,is a Better Friendship.But I dont Say and u Understand,is “Best Friendship.

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Birth is the “Start of life”beauty is the “art of life”Love is the “part of life”but,Friendship is the “Heart of life” HPY FRIENDSHIP DAY.


Friendship is vast like Universe, deep like Ocean, high like Sky, strong like Iron, kind like Mother, cute like Me, and sweet like U!


Making a million friends is not a miracle, the miracle is to make a friend who will stand by you when millions are against you.


I must have been born under a lucky star,to find a friend as nice as U are.I will follow D rainbow to D end,if U promise to remain my Friend.


I feel happy.Do u know y,bcoz i am lucky U know y,because GOD loves me,U know how,bcoz god send me a wonderful friend U know who,ITS you.


Nobody is better than you to love you is what I always do,you are a friend Whose friendship has no end.You are my best friend forever N ever


Frndshp is like needle of a clock.Though we are not able to meet N even if we meet its for a few seconds..But still we always stay connected


The First Day I Met You,The Day We Sealed Our Hearts Together For Friendship.This Day Will Remain Vivid In My Heart.Happy Friendship Day.


Life Becomes A Party When I Am With U.Tears Turn Into Smiles When I Am With You.Though You Make Me Spend A Lot,But That Is Worth Having You.


Sometimes saying sorry is the most difficult thin on earth,But its the cheapest thing to save the most expensive gift called Relationship.




I dropped a tear in the ocean while Thinking of You.. And I promise 2 be Your Friend till I find it..


A Friendship is Sweet when its NEWIts Sweeter when its TRUEBut Its Sweetest when the friend is like U.*Happy Friendship Day*


A Good friend is like a Computer,he enters in ur life save himself in your Heart,format all ur troubles and never delete from his Heart.


FRIENDSHIP is like a tree.. It is not MEASURED on how TALL it could be, but is on how DEEP the ROOTS HAVE GROWN… HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!


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