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Ever wanted to download a video or music on your PC, Android or iPhone, and realised that there was no way to do so? With torrent laws and piracy strictures so difficult to bypass, many users are left wanting some safe and reliable access to videos and music files: permanently. This is particularly so for smartphone users who just want videos on the go, without the additional hassle of difficult download processes and fake video or audio sources. Now there’s a solution for people like us, which gives access to videos irrespective of the platform: Android, iPhone OR PC. We know that it sounds too good to be true, but you had better believe it. Vidmate is THE ultimate solution for free video and music downloads for all your favourite gadgets!

Here’s what you need to know about the VIDMATE

vidmate apk

Vidmate is the ultimate solution for multimedia needs because it makes it easy for users to access all their favorite media in the same place. The best part is that it is very easy to use, and it also comprises of an extensive range of videos and movies. For instance, some of the highest ranked downloads on the site include Kung Fu Panda, Mastizaade, Airlift and Kya Kool Hain Hum! That’s right: you not only get the best of Hollywood movies, you also get the latest Bollywood movies and music videos right from this fantastic app.

Some of the fabulous features of the VIDMATE

In our many moments of “Thank god for Vidmate!” we’ve asked ourselves what exactly makes this application so special to use. Is it the ease of use? Is it the fast download link? Is it the immense collection of multilingual movies and music? Is it the searchable library that is so easy to access? Today we answer a few questions and take you through some of the best features of VIDMATE.

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  • Does it provide LIVE TV facilities?
    YES! This is great news for Indian viewers because Vidmate doesn’t just give you access to the latest movies and music, it also lets you watch live TV. And guess what? It’s totally free to use!
  • How difficult is the download facility?
    It’s as simple as ABC, because all you have to do is click on the video of your choice and that’s all. Yes, downloads are a one-click process away.
  • Is there any Browsing History which can make the search process easier?
    Indeed there is! As soon as you select the empty text field, you get a list of past searches ready for the reckoning.
  • I don’t have Wifi but I do have unlimited 2G/3G. Will it work?
    Yes! Data charges depend on your mobile data provider, but the amazing part about the Vidmate is that it is compatible with any kind of internet facility at all. Charges and speeds vary depending on the type of connection and not on the service.
  • Can I have Background Downloads and Play&Pause facilities?
    Yes, Vidmate is compatible with background download features and play, pause and resume options come within the app.

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If you want to download Vidmate for your iPhone, you may not find a direct link on your iOS AppStore. However, don’t let that make you shy away from using Vidmate on your phone, because we have a third party software option available just for you. By downloading Vidmate APK for your iOS device, you can get all the access and privileges as other devices, and watch all your favorite movies, shows and music in one place.

How to Download VIDMATE APK FOR PC

Remember how Youtube won’t let you download any videos on your PC? They don’t care that you only want to save them for later, when you don’t have any internet. But with Vidmate, you can bypass Youtube and download whever you like: right from your PC. True, there’s no dedicated app as such, but you can always use an Android emulator. A popular source, for instance, is Bluestacks, which lets you create an artificial environment within your Linux , OS10 or Windows based PC to support Android apps. Download Bluestacks first, and then you can then download a Vidmate APK which can be run through Bluestacks and saved normally on one of your download folders.


Vidmate works great on Android platforms, and it is easily accessible as an APK file. The entire point of it is to have access on Android to the best videos, movies and music from around the web, irrespective of piracy laws and download restrictions. Giving instant access and live streaming features, straight to your smartphone, Vidmate can be the ultimate in multimedia experience. So waste no more time and head on over to download the Vidmate APK for Android, which gives you instant access to thousands of multimedia files right on your smartphone.

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Few Tips on Installation Process for Vidmate APK

Whether you’re on Android or on an Android Emulator like Bluestacks, there’s a very common process for downloading Vidmate. First, download the vidmate APK on the desired destination folder. Next, navigate to Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources. As long as Unknown Sources is selected, you should have no problems in installing the apk. Soon, your Vidmate app will be ready to use and you’ll have access to media files in less than a five minutes!

You can check out how to download videos on Vidmate here. Enjoy!

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