08 Reasons Players Love Elder Scroll Online

Players love to play Elders Scroll

Elders Scroll Online is an MMRPG, which was developed by the ZeniMax Studios. It was published by Bethesda Softworks. This game has very good ratings. 93% of Google Users like this game. Elder Scroll Online is an award winning RGP. This game has more than 10 million players. Elders Scroll Online has given you freedom to customize your gameplay. You can choose from different options, and play according to your style. Here are 8 reasons why Players love to play Elders Scroll Online:

Who does not love dragons?

Dragons are mythical creatures. Dragons symbolize power, energy, ability and competence. After Daenerys Targaryen became mother of dragons, dragons became most loved thing about the show. Who would not want to own dragons like Daenerys? I would like to own many of them myself! This is also a reason why players love Elder Scroll Online. This has dragons, which is the greatest feature of the game.


Developers provided us with the cats. These khajit catlike creatures have kept our interest in the storyline. They have come out as one of the most important characters of the Elder Scroll Online series. These khajiit catlike creatures roam savannahs and deserts in the series.

Ever-expanding adventure of Elder Scroll Online.

Elder Scroll Online was published five years ago; however the game has expanded tremendously to include new chapters and new DLC zones. The expansion of the game has raised the standards of the game, and has enlarged it to include new cities such as the township of Falkreath, Imperial City in Cyrodiil, and also the cities of Kvatch on the Gold Coast and Anvil. This has increased the zest of the players. New players have entered Elder Scroll Online game world also and they have started playing the game most recently.

You can experience lots of action and an individualized combat.

One of the most amazing features of the game is that it has lots of action. You can fight your heart out, vent your anger on the opponents and experience a personalized combat. ESO combat is more bloody, violent and thrilling than other MMOs. Every player is equipped with combative capabilities. They can attack, block, interrupt, dodge and assault their enemies while keeping themselves at safer and more secure. Elder Scroll Online every class can use all different armor and weapons in the game. You can also customize your overall look in the game.

You can travel with friends, strangers and family.

While playing the game, you can choose to travel with your online or offline friends and family members and enjoy your journey in the game with them. This is so because ESO does not restrict you in your levels. You can go level up your friend’s level and your friends can come down to your level and vice versa.

Elder Scroll Online is a big game.

It is not a small game. Elder Scroll Online is a big game, with big adventures, combats, storyline and more. You can keep playing, make progress towards your giant destination and continue to do so fruitfully. ESO has a big story to tell you, so you must be patient and enjoy your time.

If you like solo adventure, go for it!

If you are a player who likes to play solo adventures, you can also go for solo adventures in the ESO. You are given difficult levels, destinations, quests, chapters, zones etc. You are given freedom to experience the game at your own pace.

You can also make money by playing ESO.

You do not just have to grind for the attainment of higher levels and enjoyment. You can make lots of money by selling ESO Gold in-game items and currency on platform that sell and buy in-game items, currency and other stuff. Playing games is a full-time career now. Most gamers are able to make a living out of their gaming capabilities.


Elders Scroll Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game which you can play, start from scratch and go up to higher levels easily. ESO has a big storyline. You must play it once to get to know about its amazing storyline, and get paid later for doing so.

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