10 Best Free and Affordable Platforms for Online Courses

Free and Affordable Platforms for Online Courses

When it comes to education or learning a new skill, we always try to bound ourselves. Several factors such as age, time, money come in our way of learning what we always wanted. But we must realise that our formal education might stop but our learning should never stop. Thanks to online courses we can now learn whatever we want, whenever we want.

In fact, online learning platforms are making a huge difference day by day. It is predicted that by 2025 the e-learning market would be worth $325 Billion. So, if you are still on the verge of selecting a suitable course for you, we have selected 10 best free and affordable online learning platforms.

With e-learning becoming so much popular, there are websites all over the world offering affordable education to all kinds of learners. From graphic design to mobile app development you can now learn anything and everything online.

#1 Coursera

Coursera has always been one of the best online learning platforms. There are courses from more than 190 companies and universities over this platform that you can pursue on your own pace. This platform also offers certificates of completion for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.

When it comes to choosing a course, there are a plethora of choices. Want to study machine learning or get the basic idea of how photoshop works? Coursera has online courses in business, humanities, engineering, technology, science, languages and much more!

#2 Udemy

Do you know that the average human attention span is now just 8 seconds? There are many claims backing up that day by day it is becoming harder for people to focus. We can give some credits to the increasing number of distractions around us. In such a case, how can we pay attention to a thirty-minute lecture?

Well, Udemy understands that people nowadays have limited time and less attention span. This is why this platform has shorter yet information-rich video-based tutorials. Not all courses on this platform are accredited but are a good way to make a start and get familiar with online learning.

#3 Skillshare

Need access to thousands of online courses instantly? Well, Skillshare is here for that! But don’t take it too lightly as you will have to work on projects to complete your course. So you better be serious about learning at Skillshare. You can find courses related to lifestyle, design, animation, film, video, entrepreneurship and more here.

Skillshare offers new and varied content for learners. You will find real-life entrepreneurs, experts and creators here who are willing to share their knowledge with you. As you will sign up you will get access to courses for two months for free but if you want to learn more, you will have to pay around $19 a month.

#4 Khan Academy

Want to access a 100% free online learning platform with a variety of courses and no ads? Switch to Khan Academy after reading this post!

You will find a pleasing design, smooth interface, amazing content and the platform is very good for kids too. In fact, assignment help experts of GoAssignmentHelp revealed to us recently that they often refer to Khan Academy for information on various assignment topics. All the content there is of standard quality. Khan Academy also provides you personalised dashboards, instructional videos and exercises despite being totally free.

#5 Udacity

Based in Silicon Valley, Udacity offers the most prominent tech courses online. The very first course of this platform was on artificial intelligence. Do you know that this artificial intelligence course enrolled more than 150,000 students?

You can find courses from corporations like Google, Facebook and Amazon on this platform. This means that learners would get the latest industry information and hence has made Udacity a much popular platform. Other features of this platform include quizzes, graded projects, certificates.

#6 edX

Want to learn for free from Harvard and MIT? Almost all edX courses can be accessed for free by the learners. This platform is much popular for its STEM courses but you will also find subjects like communication, law and languages. This platform offers you to dive in the online learning environment as it further gives you a chance to earn online degrees at low prices.

One of the STEM subjects experts at MyAssignmentAssistance quoted that edX courses offer the best professional development opportunities online and they offer self-paced learning. This means working professionals, college students or homemakers, anyone can pursue a course and achieve a degree.

#7 FutureLearn

Here’s another amazing online learning platform with more than 10 million students and 175 global institutional partners. FutureLearn offers online courses, online degrees, and fully-accredited courses. You can access many free courses here and if you want to get credited for them, you can pay the fees and take your certificate. There are categories like business and management, science, engineering, math, teaching, medicine and healthcare.

#8 CreativeLIVE

Want access to live broadcasts for your selected online course? If yes then you must visit CreativeLive and check their courses. You can find courses related to photo, video, audio, design, art, money, crafts and many similar categories. Students can access CreativeLive courses for just $25 per month for an annual plan or $40 per month for the monthly plan. The courses can be downloaded for viewing them later. There are more than 700 instructors and 1500+ in-depth courses.

#9 Codecademy

Learning to code is an essential skill in today’s world. Even elementary and primary schools are including programming languages in their curriculum now. Codecademy makes learning a programming language as easy as accessing dissertation assistance from GoDissertationHelp. There is a free plan available for learners. You can easily navigate throughout the website. Just go to the catalog, navigate through subjects like web development, web design, machine learning, data science etc and select the language you want to learn. For each language, you will find courses, study resources and projects. 

#10 Scratch

Our last online learning platform is a special edition for kids! It is an absolutely free learning platform where kids can learn maths, geometry, coding and graphs. Also, they can enhance their creativity and problem solving skills. With simple graphics, animations, interactive games and slide shows, this platform is a wonderful gift for kids. However, we recommend parents or teachers to sit together with the students and show them their way around. This will make learning much easier and fun for them.

In all, these were our 10 findings about free and affordable online learning platforms. Choosing an online learning platform however depends on various factors including the course content, instructor, ease of access and interface. You can now easily compare these platforms and find your choice.

However, there is one more thing that would help make your online learning experience worthwhile. It is consistency and commitment towards learning. If you pick up a course online, make sure you devote at least an hour a day towards it. You will be able to see the difference by yourself.

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