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The emergence of internet-based technologies with varying applications in a myriad of industries is clearly impacting everyday life for individuals and companies alike. This progression is triggering the beginning a new era, an era being birthed across the globe, particularly in Israel, where a number of vibrant startups are making an impact.Logistics software company CartonCloud states, “Any country willing to innovate and technologically support communities and businesses will prosper”.

There havebeen some significant developments made by Israel in the development ofkey technologies, especially in the logistics space. This is demonstrated by five Nobel Prizes in the area of Science, which also leads to multiple Israeli scientific and technological publications.

With the arrival of the new millennium, the most successful Internet projects began to have a deep social layer. Of course, the clearest example of this phenomenon is found on Wikipedia. Online collaborative encyclopedias have clearly become a benchmark of knowledge that open has open many doors for new and innovative projects.

In this article we will endeavor to explore some of Israel’s top logistics startups and uncover how they are impacting their communities and the world at large.

#1 Get

This is a taxi caller application. With this application every user can order a taxi through their smartphone or through the official website. Only by entering the customer’s location and details of the trip route, users can get advance rates and connect to the nearest service. Get has provided a transportation solution to thousands of businesses. This application only takes 10% of the drivers.

#2 Moovit

This is the number one public transportation application in the world, present in 90 countries in more than 2,800 cities and 45 languages, which allows, in real time, access to accurate information to find out the waiting time, frequency, route, distance, presence and to optimize transfer of city bus users. 87 percent of users use Moovit to travel by bus, this motivates national, local and transportation authorities to improve services and this implies that many people will leave their private vehicles to use public transportation. Moovit is a real solution for countries that want to leave dependence on private modes of transportation. Moovit is a convenient, smart, simple and free choice that can be downloaded on a smartphone, Android or iPhone or by accessing the website

#3 Optibus

This is an application that builds or provides SaaS solutions for public transport companies. Optibus is able to provide a patent-pending optimization technology called Optibize. This technology is useful for advancing scheduling and also daily operations in real-time.

#4 Anagog

Anagog is a cloud-based data solution provider application, JedAI. This application, in its work process, uses several sensors; gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS and so on. With this application, developers offer real time location tracking, mobility detection, route planning, 3D mapping and so on. They are features that are needed in all logistical matters.

#5 Spaceek

Spaceek is an application that really helps its users find parking locations. This application is able to provide real-time parking availability to the user’s mobile (driver). The information provided is not based on a passive algorithm so it is quite reliable in real-time. This application has also collected more than 200 thousand dollars through its crowdfunding campaign.

#6 Polly

Polly is an application made by Spark. This is a smart parking application developer that provides Polly – The Parking Fairy. Polly offers end-to-end parking solutions with the working principle according to the natural behavior of vehicle drivers in finding parking spaces. With this application the user is expected to get a parking space in less than 10 minutes.

#7 HopOn

This is a mobile ticket application with a focus on public transportation. With this application the user can request a valid boarding pass via a cellphone. HopOn has been used by no less than 7 Israeli public transport operators. To this day, this application is used in more than 3000 vehicles including BRT, LRT, bus, bicycle rental and so on.

#8 Spatial Logic

This is an AI based navigation solution provider application. They claim that their system is far more accurate than GPS. They also use, Vision, an up-to-date navigation system that works with trilateration with radio and satellite signals.

#9 Karpoolz

This is a multi-family carpooling application that helps each parent to better organize their children’s (and also social) school activities. This application can also automatically calculate driving shifts based on participants’ driving fairness preferences.

#10 Autofleet

This is a fleet management solution provider application that is very useful for transportation companies. Features provided include automatic erasure, fleet management, dynamic pricing, and more.

The systematic use of knowledge and research directed at the production of materials, devices, systems, or methods including design, development, improvement of prototypes, processes, products, services, or organizational models is a future trend, and of course logistics is one of its most important branches.

The above logistics applications are made with the aim of facilitating the flow of transportation, both human and goods so that they will directly or indirectly increase the distribution of goods and services. Israel is one of the countries with the most advanced technology and is now one of the five biggest startup developers in the world. Logistics startups have been proven to improve economic and industrial progress in many countries in various parts of the world.

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