10 Reasons You Need Antivirus Software On Your Devices

Think about this: if you buy a great new dress or a fancy new car, you’re going to take care of it, right? That means dry-cleaning only and regular car washes and oil changes to keep your purchases looking great and functioning as they should.

Need Antivirus Software On Your Devices

The same applies to your technology. Having the newest Macbook on the market or owning a Google phone is great, but unless you’re taking care of them by installing virus protection software, chances are that you could end up degrading the possession you worked so hard to buy.

For the tech-owners out there who still aren’t up to snuff on knowing why virus protection software is so important, we’ve put together a list of reasons why you should be researching plans and software right now.

  1. Protect Yourself From Viruses

Viruses can enter your computer through so many different forms nowadays, which is why having something to protect it can save you a lot of time and money. Simple antivirus software is generally inexpensive and works to combat viruses before they can even do any damage to your devices. Having this protective software can also keep your friends and family safe from viruses that your computer could potentially send through email or other forms of communication. We always recommend checking if your internet service provider offers free or heavily discounted software!

  1. Spam-Blocking Technology

Let’s be honest – we all hate spam, but some people are still unaware of how damaging it can be in addition to being just plain annoying. Spam often disguises itself as pop-up ads and phony websites that lure in internet users so they can infiltrate your devices. In fact, spam is one of the major ways in which you can get a virus on your phone or computer that is capable of causing serious damage. By installing spam-blocking software, your devices will not allow spam to come through, and you’ll generally get a warning before attempting to access a potentially malicious website.

  1. Defend Yourself Against Hackers

Leaving your PC unprotected is like leaving the doors to your home unlocked: it makes it that much easier for someone dangerous to enter. With antivirus software, your computer or other device has security measures installed, such as frequent scanning or antihacking locks, to ensure that hackers who might try to steal your information or wreak havoc on your device aren’t even allowed past the threshold.

  1. Protect Your Removable Devices

If you’re someone who uses more than one computer throughout the day, such as a work computer or library computer in addition to your personal one, you probably utilize a USB flashdrive to store documents and information. What most people do not realize however is that USBs are a great way for viruses to transmit from one device to another. Antivirus software easily combats this by scanning each USB drive to check it for viruses or malware before it can install on your computer.

  1. Keep Your Data and Files Private and Safe

Most of us keep sensitive and private information on our computers, which is why protecting our computers is, in a way, protecting ourselves from harm. If you habitually download files via email or otherwise, antivirus software serves as a security measure by scanning each document and ensuring it is safe and free of viruses. Otherwise, an infected document that you download could potentially damage or even erase all of the delicate information you store on your computer. 

  1. Maintain the Fast Speeds You Need

Think about this: when you’re sick with a cold or the flu, you’re not moving very quickly. In fact, you’re probably just slurping down some chicken noodle soup from your couch all day. When your computer contracts viruses, it reacts in a similar way. It is sick, so it moves slowly and often takes a long time to do simple tasks. Antivirus software runs regular scans on your device to keep it healthy, which in turn allows it to run much faster and efficiently than an infected computer could.

  1. Avoid Phishing with Firewall Protection

Much like a guarded gate, a firewall monitors the traffic and information that flows both in and out of your computer. Without this, your device is susceptible to phishing attacks. Phishing is the term for attacks that specifically target your sensitive information like login credentials and credit card numbers. By having a firewall, you can protect yourself and your financial information from outside networks and websites that have malicious intentions.

  1. Keep Your Children Safe Online

One of the biggest concerns for parents can be regarding their child’s internet use. With a worldwide web of information out there, it’s easy for kids to stumble upon inappropriate content or accidentally allow a virus into your computer by clicking on an enticing spam ad. Many antivirus softwares on the market now have parental controls that you can use to monitor your children’s’ internet usage online and block potentially dangerous sites that you don’t want them to see.

  1. Protect Your Passwords

These days, it’s gotten easier and easier for hackers to discover or steal your passwords and login credentials. Antivirus software can prevent these hackers from virtually entering your computer, and a password manager can double these efforts by keeping all of your login information stored safely away.

  1. Weigh the Costs

Some might think that antivirus software is pricey, but it’s not the case. In fact, most software programs range between $20 and $60. It’s almost important to consider that without antivirus protection, your computer could contract a virus or malware that may completely destroy or shut down your device, costing you a pretty penny for repairs or an entirely new device.

Antivirus software will always be the best advice you can take when you purchase a new piece of technology. Though you might not want to spend the money, think about the implications a potential virus could have on your financial accounts and on your other sensitive information. For the cost of a few cups of coffee throughout the month, you could have protection that promises to keep your computer safe from hackers, malware, and so much more.

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