10 Tips To Start Building A Website


In most cases, it is necessary that, as suppliers, we show all the information that a customer might require. It can be contact information, projects that have been worked on, services, products, etc. It is increasingly common to be asked for a website as a reference to learn more about our company.

To start with a website it is essential to know the following essential rules for building a website:

  • That the company has its domain
  • That has email, with the domain of the organization.
  • The website information is up to date.
  • Publish news or promotions regarding the company.
  • The information must be accessible and clear.
  • Have a good design on the website.
  • Have the necessary means for customers to communicate with the company.
  • Be aware of traffic indexes on the portal.
  • Establish intercom in social networks.
  • Implement a corporate blog.

Complying with these characteristics will generate in customers the confidence that our company is serious. It also serves as an excellent vehicle to promote ourselves on the Internet but remember that it is only a reference point and start, but there are many more factors that influence a website to succeed. Learn such factors from Clasywebsitebuilders.

What makes a website successful?

It is not a matter of attractive designs, or animation eccentricities. A solid website is one that communicates what your objective is concerning your customers and that is consistent with your company’s strategic plan.

#1 Set your goals

Think about what you hope to achieve by using the Internet and identify the paths to reach that goal. What is the purpose of your site? Looking to sell your products? Do you want to find new customers?

#2 Keep your website updated

Update your website periodically with new images, brief news about the products or the company, articles of interest to your customers or any information that you think maybe attractive and useful.

#3 Avoid very long download times

Internet users are known for their impatience. If your images take a long time to download, your visitors will get tired of waiting and leave your website.

#4 Use a “proactive” approach

Do not force those who visit your site to have to strive to find a way to get in touch with you.

#5 Do not use the “Under construction” strategy

If something is not ready to be published on your website, do not resort to the “Under construction” message. Users who have bothered to download a graphic under construction will feel more than disappointed and even likely to be bothered.

#6 Know your audience

The design and content of your site should be suitable for your target audience, just as you would in any advertisement. Remember, your website is a form of advertising that projects the image of your company.

#7 Do not accept errors

If something does not work perfectly, well, do not include it in your site. Be sure to make a proofreading of all content; spelling, grammatical or writing errors harm the professional image you want to convey.

#8 Include the “Back to home page” function

Simplify the exploration of your site. Users are more likely to explore your site if they know they can return to their homepage without major complications. Another alternative: use a map or list of its features to encourage consumers to find what interests them.

#9 Offer a simple and direct order structure

If you are selling products, simplify the process for your customers to place their orders. Some opt for the shopping cart but also offer their customers the possibility of placing orders via telephone for those who do not trust online transactions.

#10 Visit a pleasant experience

Many like to associate the company with a face to feel that there is a personal bond, therefore, you could even add a biography and a photograph of yourself and the main staff members.

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