10 Tools and Plugins for WordPress That Will Make Your Life Easier

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WordPress is a webpage builder. It enables users to construct web pages through the housing of information. These users can install various plugins and tools to enhance their experience. These plugins and tools offer different behaviors allowing the user to customize them to accommodate their different needs. Here are 10 plugins and tools to help make your life easier.

#1 Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO offers various features such as improving your search results ranking and advising you to enable permalinks. It focuses on producing suitable content for users while remaining SEO compatible. Yoast SEO plugin also helps with certain aspects of on-site optimization. It will authorize link elements and meta tags without you even knowing.

The most noticeable assistance from this plug-in appears when you’re creating new work. While you’re writing new material, Yoast SEO is consistently observing and proposing revisions. The plugin tracks your word count while simultaneously suggesting better headlines and keywords. It also helps you place your articles better on search results pages by offering better writing elements and techniques. Yoast SEO is also very helpful in the way that, before releasing your article, it will allow you to preview search engine results.

#2 WP Smush

WP Smush is a very valuable add-on for those looking to add a little creativity and uniqueness to their website through images. WP Smush allows you to compress and expand images without reducing the resolution of an image.

All image files in JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats are compatible. Using WP Smush to compress and expand images can also save storage space. This is very helpful for those looking to create a web page through WordPress, as it makes it way easier to add and adjust images to a webpage on the fly.

#3 W3 Total Cache

WordPress caching is very useful as it helps the website load faster the next time it is opened by temporarily reserving website information in the cache. Total Cache will store your pages and posts as HTML files. This quickens the loading time of the page and enhances the site’s effectiveness.

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The reduced loading time is not only comfortable and convenient, but it will result in a better ranking on search results and an increase in traffic. Caching will not only reduce the page loading time but will also reduce the loading time on other things such as download time.

#4 VaultPress

VaultPress is a security-based plugin that creates backups for your website. VaultPress defends your website from many internet attacks by syncing all content, comments, posts and media files on your website. This enables you to reconstruct the website with just the single click of a button. You can also manage numerous websites in one control system with multiple subscriptions to VaultPress.

This plugin will immediately email the administrator if there are any disturbances to the installation. This also allows you to effortlessly manage and review dubious codes. Along with protecting your website from harmful threats, it comes with strong spam protection.

#5 Everest Forms

No matter the size of the website, you need a contact page for your viewers to get in touch with you. This can benefit you greatly as it allows you to listen to feedback or negotiate business deals. This plugin simplifies the building process for a contact page through a drag and drop interface.

There are two design layouts offered, default and classic. Editable email settings, redirect page options, and Google Recaptcha support are all fantastic features of this add on.

#6 MailChimp

MailChimp is a great plugin for managing subscribers and sending emails. This plugin enables the addition of subscription forms on your websites. MailChimp is free, but if you want to use it for commercial purposes, you have to download the premium version. The plugin can also be unified with other forms such as the checkout or contact form.

#7 WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most utilizable addons if you’re looking to sell anything on your website. It is very efficient if being used for an online store. WooCommerce provides customers with different options. Extended shipping options consisting of local pickups, flat rates, free shipping, and much more are available through WooCommerce.

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Anything from physical products to software, sporting tickets, or service plans can be sold. There are also a plethora of payment options available for customer convenience. These various options consist of PayPal, check, cash on delivery, or credit card. This is both a beneficial plugin for the website owner and the customers. WooCommerce can also be integrated with third party tools and extensions.

#8 Social Icons

As social media is on the rise, it can be very beneficial to add some aspect of it to your website. That’s where Social Icons come in. Social Icons uses widgets and shortcodes to add social media icons to posts or pages.

It is simple to use as the plugin supports over 100 different social media platforms and can create beautiful icons in appealing layouts after instant installation. Resizing and reshaping the icons are just some of the further customization options the plugin offers.

#9 MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is a Google Analytics based plugin. This allows you to see all the stats regarding your website and its performance. This shows you how people interact with your website and how they found it.

You can then make optimal changes to your website that will result in an increase in traffic and, eventually, revenue. Although a free version is available, you can fully utilize MonsterInsights by downloading the premium version.

#10 RafflePress

RafflePress is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop giveaway system. This is one of the best plugins when looking to create an online raffle, giveaway, or contest. RafflePress creates more traffic to your website and social media as it offers incentives such as an increase in entrees with every subscription or follow.

RafflePresslite is the free version to start out with. This is good as it allows you to familiarize yourself with the system. When wanting to actually increase website growth than RafflePressPro should be downloaded.

All these plugins offer unique features to use for your website. If utilized well, they can all help bring a great share of growth and protection to your website.

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