10 Types of Apps You Must Have on Your Device

10 Types of Apps You Must Have on Your Device

The utility of your phone is the same as it was 20 years ago. The difference is that the OS provides an interface to enrich with apps that provide extra utility. In other words, your phone’s utility depends on your app selection.

We will avoid using some of the most basic apps you get by default (apps like a browser or a calculator). Instead, we’ll go for apps you must download/install or start using (even if you have them installed by default).

With that in mind and without further ado, here are the ten types of apps you must have on your device.

1. Social media app

A social media app is crucial for any device. Sure, on a laptop, a desktop computer, or a mini PC, you’re more likely to access it via browser, but still. Social media apps help you stay connected with the rest of society. It helps you see where your friends are and what your coworkers do on their day off and keep track of people on vacation.

You can also update your activities for anyone interested to check. The key is that social media are designed to be used on the run, and an app is the most convenient way. They are also designed to be minimalist (take little space and work on minimal internet access).

2. Messaging app

IM (instant messaging) apps are amazing platforms that help you keep in touch. Unlike SMS, they are free to send, provided you can access the internet (which you almost always do).

Next, you must remember that this is not just a matter of convenience. Some apps, like Slack, Skype, or even Viber, are used to stay in touch with professional contacts. This allows you to collaborate while working remotely or remain available in the case of an emergency.

Now, the apps you’ll have installed usually depend on your needs and social circle.

3. Antivirus

To keep your device safe, you need to have an antivirus. The biggest conception regarding this type of software is that it’s something that you only need to install on your computer (and that you can safely ignore your phone). After all, who has an antivirus installed on their phone? The answer is – anyone who takes their cybersecurity seriously.

A good antivirus will protect you from malware, increase your browsing security, and give you much more email protection. If we’re talking about computers, connecting unknown USP and external devices is always risky unless you have a suitable antivirus installed.

Even if you don’t use it too often, having an antivirus will help you achieve a higher peace of mind. This is worth quite a bit on its own.

4. VPN

VPNs, or virtual private networks, are software that provides an encrypted connection between your device and the internet, often going through a server in a different geographic location. While, in theory, all they were supposed to do is elevate your level of cybersecurity, people usually use them to bypass geo-restrictions online.

This is not just a matter with streaming services, seeing how even platforms like YouTube restrict access to certain videos for the audience in some countries. Many people use VPNs to bypass this level of censorship and unlock the egalitarian potential of the internet.

If you’re working from home, you’ll sometimes have to access company files through a suspicious network; using a VPN is the only way to do so safely.

5. Dating app

It’s hard to meet new people if you’re working from home or in a non-gender-mixed environment. This is why so many people use dating apps and why 83% of men and 76% of women said they met someone online and then went out to meet them in person.

In the past, there was a bit of a stigma, and many people preferred to make up a story of how they met to cover up the fact that they’d met online. Today, this is completely normal and societally acceptable.

Modern problems require modern solutions, and dating apps may cure the pandemic of loneliness plaguing our world.

6. Streaming app

Getting a streaming app on your device (phone or computer) can help you improve your accessibility to all types of entertainment. You see, with a streaming app, you can watch any available show at any given moment. You can just pause at any given moment and continue whenever you want.

You should have this on your portable devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) because you can access them even on public transport or in the waiting room. This way, you’ll have a far more efficient method to handle some of the most boring parts of the day.

7. Budgeting app

Keeping a healthy budget was never an easier task to achieve. You no longer have to keep track of all your expenses and bills manually. You can just download a budgeting app, connect it to your m-banking app and your accounts and scan your physical bills with the help of an OCR-powered system.

The level of insight that you’ll get this way is simply unparalleled. It doesn’t matter how much money you make if you can’t control your spending. These apps make it easier to keep these things in your hands.

8. Health app

Getting a health app for your phone can be a life-changing decision. After all, it’s a device that you always have on you. It can calculate how many steps you’ve taken in the day (let’s face it, you won’t leave it even when you go to the bathroom), what your sleep patterns are, and more.

Sure, with a fitness watch or a smartwatch, your access to these biometrics will be even more accurate; however, even on its own, a health app can make a world of difference. You can also enter your caloric intake and turn it into an optimal tool for getting into shape.

Ultimately, so many fitness apps will boost your overall health; in other words, you have all you need to get your health in order.

9. Games

Installing a video game on your device is a great way to blow off steam. Sure, we’ve already covered streaming services, but this is just one of the outlets you can choose to stay entertained.

The problem with movies and shows is that they aren’t interactive. Your agency is minimal, and you’re merely a spectator. Video games provide a much higher level of immersion, making them perfect in many different scenarios.

The last thing to remember is that social gaming is a thing. You can play against your friends or with them (in a co-op). In other words, this is a social activity, not just something meant for entertainment.

10. Calendar/scheduling apps

From the dawn of time, people have noted important events so they wouldn’t forget them. One problem with this system was that you must check your notes/calendar to see the event approaching. With an app, you can set it up to get a notification ahead of time or regular notifications to prevent this from slipping your mind.

When working on a project (regardless of what kind of project), you need a calendar, a schedule, and even a project roadmap. Sometimes, you must do things in sequence, and organizing so many co-dependent deadlines is far from simple.

A calendar/scheduling app is one of the things that you set up effortlessly, and it generates a passive value (without causing too much disturbance).

With each app you install, you add more utility to the platform

The last thing you need to remember is that the device’s utility depends on the programs/apps you have installed. So, make sure to adjust this app arsenal to your own needs. There are so many specialized apps you can choose from; it’s just down to you to make a list.


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