2 Ways to Backup Pictures and Videos in Your Phone


There are many ways to backup pictures and videos on your phone. As everyone is an android or IOS user and have a camera on their phone. All the users have some memories of photos or videos which they want to save in their phones permanently. There are some android apps and tools which give a small amount of space where users can save the few files. After collecting the few data, they ask for premium versions, and users have to pay a lot for saving more data. Usually, students don’t have much budget to spend a lot of money on buying the application as these all are costly.

In this guide, we have two different gadgets that are helpful for students as well as for business person. They can utilize the devices according to their needs. We are here talking about pCloud and photoStick. Both the gadgets provide enough space to create backup pictures and videos in your Android or IOS phone. Let’s discuss each device in detail. We will see how these gadgets can save time and money.

Moreover, how they can be beneficial for the students and ease their life.

pCloud – Cheap Online backup for multiple devices

There are many free online storage spaces which usually don’t provide enough space and ask for a lot of money to save thousands of videos and photos. For students and regular users, it is not possible to pay each month to protect their data. Instead of it, we have pCloud which take a one-time fee from you and give space up to 2TB.

The main reason why pCloud is getting fame day by day is because of lifetime access by paying only once. There are two different types of plans for using pCloud.

Essential Premium Plan: This plan is for students, friends, and families who want to save personal pictures, memories, videos for regular use, and price for this plan is also reasonable.

Premium Plus Plan: On the other hand, if we talk about the premium plus plan, then this plan is for business users who have a bunch of data to save. They usually have business records, employees data. Of course, they need a lot of space, and we recommend them to get the premium plus plan to avoid any difficulty in the future.

Features of Using pCloud

Dropbox and many similar web application are the competitors of pCloud, and of course, there is some difference between both services.

  • pCloud create a virtual device.
  • Users can exchange the files and folder to another account. This is the main benefit that when students want to share the assignments. They can send the files to one another.
  • Upload speed and download speed from the pCloud is better than any other storage device.
  • With the usage of pCloud, users can easily share photos to social media include facebook or twitter.
  • pCloud can upload the latest pictures and videos when taken.
  • If the file size is too large, you can still upload the file in pCloud storage.

The number of users is increasing day by day. Therefore, it’s your time to read more about pCloud and their features. Prices for both the plans are reasonable.

PhotoStick – Best Storage Device

Everyone nowadays is using social media and capture photos and videos regularly. These photos are memories, and everyone wants to save permanently. PhotoStick is just like a USB Drive, which helps the users to save thousands of pictures and videos in a single click. The flash drive of Photostick is 128GB in size, and it can save up to 60,000 photos and videos. For now, the storage is enough to keep the personal data, including personal photos, memories for a lifetime.

Features of PhotoStick

There are numerous features of PhotoStick. Here are the hidden features of PhotoStick that everyone should know before buying it.

Organize Files: PhotoStick mobile can search for all the photos on your phone. It works as you have to install the ThePhotoStick application on your phone, which helps in exploring all the latest pictures and videos and organize in the way for backup.

Fast Backup: The device backs up all your photos and videos in a few minutes.

Duplicates: They remove the duplicate photos so it saves space on photoStick device.

Moreover, it is not necessary for the users to organize the images and know the data or time. The app will automatically organize and help you in finding the photos in the future.

Overview of PhotoStick

If we talk about the price of this device, the price is reasonable, which is 60$ only as compared to another storage device. If you read about the features, then you will see price is nothing, and it provides hundreds of features that no other USB drive provide.  We recommend this storage device for the students and all users who want to make a backup of their essential data.

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