2018 Crypterium Price Predictions


Like any project, there is always some skepticism about its value in the future. That’s why we’ve created this post to show our Crypterium Price Prediction. We want to give you a realistic view as to how its value will change within the upcoming years. So let’s begin!

What is Crypterium?

Crypterium is an ICO project that aims to create a crypto bank for everyone. As of now, its difficult for users to make a bank account. This makes it hard for them to participate in the economy and gain more income.

Crypterium’s goal is to make a vertically integrated service that takes ideas from the best blockchain enthusiasts. By doing this, the project plans on making a crypto bank for the crypto economy.

Unlike traditional banks that can take weeks to publish a card, Crypterium has an engine that allows for instantaneous conversions between cryptocurrency and fiat money. With Crypterium, you can finally use cryptocurrency to pay for fiat based transactions. Since the system has a small fee, you can use its platform without losing too much money.

But now its time to discuss their price predictions for the short and long-term growth of this project.

Crypterium Price Prediction

As of now, Crypterium is priced at $0.6113. This is a great price for a project that’s been recently released. It shows that there are users who are interested in the platform and this leads into an increase in value.

In order for the price to increase, Crypterium will need to have a higher market adoption speed. This means that more users will have to use their platform and perform transactions on it. If Crypterium is successful in this endeavor, then they will notice a higher price within the following years.

If there were to be a price decrease, it would be due to its main predecessors Ethereum and Bitcoin. Crypterium’s platform is dependant on the two – so if they were to drop in value, then Crypterium’s value will fall as a result.

The market situation will also dictate the price result. If the market crashes, then its value will drop substantially.

What’s the Future For Crypterium?

We believe that Crypterium has a bright future if it’s able to keep their users interested in their platform. In this Google Trends graph, we can see that the interest has dropped during Q1 of 2018.

But that doesn’t mean that they are fully out. In the regional trends graph, we can see that it does have some influence in the western hemisphere. If Crypterium wants to become successful, they’ll have to increase their awareness and reach in the US, Canada, and Mexico while also getting more users within the European region.

If we’re following Moore’s law where the price of an asset will double each year, we can expect that Crypterim will be at a price of $39.17 within the next 6 years. Alternatively, if Crypterium grows as strong as Facebook, then we’ll see it’s price rise to $94.03 in 2024.


In the end, we can see a bright future for Crypteirum. Not only does it create a better cryptocurrency bank for users, but it can convert cryptocurrency to fiat money instantly. As the project continues to develop, so will it’s value. So we’ll have to wait to see what it does until then!



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