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    There was a time when a calendar was an integral part of every home interior. You too might have that old memory of running towards that calendar position to see if there is a holiday in the week or to see when you can visit your friends for the next time. Now, things have changed a lot and printed calendars are not really the part of a cult. I mean, how often do you see a 2018 printable calendar to be ready to be rolled on? Not often, right? That’s the whole point. The digital world has changed a lot of things and the trend of printed calendars was indeed one of them.

    2018 printable calendar

    But, do you really think printed calendars are that bad and convenient? Just think about this: all it takes you to get a calendar available in your bedroom is just three steps. You will have to get one of the best and truly beautiful 2018 printable calendars, get it printed on the suitable paper and paste it on the wall. And, it stays on the wall for a whole year. Awesome, isn’t it? The next time you want to know more about a certain date, you don’t have to take out your smartphone. Just look at the wall, and trust me on this, you’re going to save a lot of time that way.

    The Thing About 2018 Printable Calendar Options

    Before we talk about what’s up with a printable calendar for 2018, there is something you should know about the crux of the printable calendar itself. In case you don’t know about printable calendars, don’t worry. We will give you an introduction to this thing. Of course, we know that you are familiar with the different types of calendars, most of which you have used at least once in a while. Okay, I know, it’s all been replaced by some digital apps, which are undoubtedly a matter of convenience, in a way or another. Now, however, we would be talking about how you can help yourself by going back towards a traditional calendar and we will tell you how a 2018 printable calendar in your offices, on your working desk or on your home wall will look great.

    So, Printable Calendars are digital calendars that you can download and customize according to your requirement. This isn’t something you cannot do in apps. For instance, you don’t want to include certain sets of holidays in the calendar, depending on where you are from. Also, there is the aspect of design. When you decide to get a 2018 printable calendar variant, you are free to choose from the huge collection of designs. For instance, you might want to include all the months in a huge sheet. In another instance, you can use one design that gives you an individual overview of each month of 2018. Personally speaking, I’m someone who will mark a lot of things on the calendar. In that case, I’d prefer a printed calendar that leaves enough space for rough-works and marking. All these are possible via the design customization of the printed calendar.

    Still wondering why should you check out these 2018 printable calendars? You won’t believe, but the action can save a lot of time.

    Why Would You Want a Printable Calendar for 2018?

    Let’s talk about the 2018 printable calendar designs out there. It’s not like you are restricted to the choices of the designer or the calendar manufacturer. In most cases, you might have got some promotional calendar — which consists of less artwork but includes promotional stuff. This doesn’t happen when you download one 2018 printable calendar, customize the design and print it for your needs. You are getting a design that you really love and that you want to see on the wall.

    Another important factor is that you can choose a design that is appropriate for your needs. For instance, if you are making a calendar for kids, you can include some theme-based elements or some things that your kids love. Instead, when you need a 2018 printable calendar design for office, you should go for something minimal and impressive — also leaving space for rough work and marking, if you are someone like me. Trust me, that’s a huge life-saver.

    For those who are wondering, here’s another advantage of printed calendars in 2018. You spend less time on your phone, which is a great save from distractions. As we said, you don’t necessarily have to check the phone if you want to date. There is a printed calendar in front of your eyes, just on the desk so that there is no trouble in accessing it. So, in one way or another, 2018 printable calendars are going to save a lot of your time and make your life more productive.

    Interested in getting a printed calendar for 2018 needs? We will tell you how you can get your hands on a 2018 printable calendar.

    How to Choose and Use A 2018 Printable Calendar?

    It’s simpler than you think. As we said earlier, there is a huge collection of calendar designs when it comes to making a calendar design. The best part is that, if you don’t like an entire design, you can always customize it and make it suitable for your need. For instance, some might not want the holiday list to be present while others prefer regional holidays being marked on the calendar. In short, you have room for customization on the way.

    Choosing the File Type and Downloading 2018 Printable Calendar Designs

    Downloading a 2018 printable calendar is an easy task. It is normally available in two file formats — one PDF and the other one DOC. Choosing the file format depends on whether you want to make changes before you print it. You might also want to consider the total dimensions of the 2018 printable calendar document that you are downloading. For instance, you may have an option to edit the calendar before you download it. In that case, you can choose PDF as the format and download it. The best part about PDF is that you can print it from every device. If you have a Wi-Fi enabled printer, you can use your smartphone to print the new 2018 calendar without any hassle. So, PDF or DOC, you can download it easily.

    Printing and Pasting the Calendar Design

    One thing to be noted is that you have to change the size of the paper according to the type of calendar you are downloading. Suppose you are downloading a full-size calendar with all the months on the same page. In that case, you should make sure that the 2018 printable calendar design is at an A3 size, so that you will not have trouble in seeing individual months or letters. Similarly, you should make the calendar columns bigger if you are planning to include the holidays as well. This is the point: you have all the freedom of customizing the calendar, but make sure that it serves the purpose.

    One More Thing about Printed Calendar Quality

    Now that you have decided to get the best printable design and print it, there is one more thing. Depending on the purpose, you should choose the best material for printing. For instance, if you are planning to create a foldable calendar, you should print the stuff on a tough material. That’s not the case for a scrolling-type calendar. In other words, make sure you have a calendar design that lasts the entire year. By the way, if you want to print at higher quality, make sure you download the printable calendar design at a higher resolution rate, preferably as PDF document.

    My Recommendations for 2018 Printable Calendar Design

    If you ask me about the 2018 printable calendar that I chose, it was pretty simple. The last thing I want is to get distracted by the images and designs on the calendar when I just want to know the date. And, as I just said earlier, there was also enough space for marking and writing down important stuff. In other words, it’s the perfect printed calendar for my office-based work.

    Coming to the bottom line, we hope you understand why you should go for a 2018 printable calendar. Unlike most of you think, these are easy to design, download and print. In fact, you can have your favorite calendar on the wall in just a few minutes. All you need to do is to select a few designs, choose the best and just get it printed. How does that sound? Do let us know which is your favorite 2018 printable calendar designs.

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