21 Facebook Advertising Tips to Try Right Now

In recent years, Facebook has made its platform a strong base for the advertisement of products and services. Facebook has a large number of users, and if you want to market your products, this is a platform you can’t ignore. Facebook ads are incredibly helpful, and they can yield results. However, every marketing campaign needs an impeccable strategy to yield positive results.

Facebook ads require time and patience, and that’s why some advertisers give up halfway. Facebook ads aren’t free, so if your strategy isn’t well orchestrated, you’ll end up incurring losses. Worry not, for there are strategies that you can deploy when marketing your products on Facebook. Here are Facebook advertising tips that you should try.

  1. Target audience.

Having a target audience should be one of the main items on your bucket list before launching your marketing campaign. Facebook ads are awesome, but it won’t help you if you don’t know who your marketing campaign is supposed to target. Imagine if ITF ran an ad advertising one of their Grand Slam tournaments, but they were targeting soccer mums or UFC fans? The conversion rate would be low. Identifying your right audience helps raise the conversion rate. You can turn prospective customers into actual customers. Find users who share a similar interest in the services or products you are offering. Facebook helps you customize the audience you want to reach. Use factors such as age, lifestyle, demographic, interests, location, and gender. Use these factors to create a target audience base, and Facebook will do the rest for you.

  1. Use Facebook canvas ads.

Statistically speaking, Facebook canvas ads yield results depending on how well you make them. 54% of users who come across these ads watch at least half of your ad. Those are impressive numbers because canvas ads allow you to incorporate videos, images, or text, and allow a story narration. Canvas ads allow you to capture the attention of the user and tell them about your brand in a few seconds. Creating canvas ads is a simple task, as there are templates that you use. These templates are, Get New Customers, Show your business, and Sell your products

  1.  Increasing your Facebook audience using post engagements ads.

A lot of businesses receive tons of likes on their page but are unable to reach a bigger percentage of their followers. Algorithms used in Facebook can allow only so much reach. If you have 200 followers, your post is likely to reach about 30 of your followers. Page post engagement ads are the solution to this problem. Engagement gained includes comments, offers, and post sharing. When you run an engagement ad, your post reaches the people who like and comment on your page. Eventually, they can interact with your post.


  1. Use Facebook videos.

Facebook video ads are a strategy you can’t afford to neglect. Compared to video now-viewers, people who view Facebook video ads are two times likely to make a purchase. Facebook video ads can go up to 4 hours. However, making it that long might not be the right decision. Keep it simple and short. Add captions that will capture the attention of users, and use pictures that will tell a story about your products or services. With over half a billion people watching videos on Facebook daily, this advertising tip is one you need to hugely invest in.

  1. Using Facebook GIF ads.

Statistics show that short videos are easy to capture the attention of users, and they also increase your conversion rates. You don’t need a 10-minute video explaining your product while a ten-second video can create a better impact. GIFs are very short, and they don’t require a lot of investments in terms of resources and time. Use tools such as GIPHY GIF maker to create a short but captivating GIF and post it on your Facebook page.

  1. Focus on remarketing.

A lot of users find a product appealing to them, they add it into their cart but don’t purchase for various reasons. Remarketing is an effective strategy as it allows you to reach your audience depending on the action they took. When a user is on your page, there is a code that gets tagged on them. Whenever they return to your page, an ad will pop reminding them about your products.

  1. Customizing your audiences.

Remarketing and customizing your audience work hand in hand. With custom audiences, you can capture different categories of users. These categories are;

  • Website traffic- start by targeting people who have visited your site.
  • App activity- target people who have had an interaction with your mobile app.
  • Engagement- have a list of users who interact with your brand on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • Customer file- use email address, contact numbers, and Facebook user names and match them to respective Facebook accounts and target those people.
  • Offline activity- target people who have interacted with your brand using offline platforms.


  1. Facebook ads should be relevant.

Facebook has a tool called Relevance Score that measures the quality of your ads and determines engagement levels. Relevance Score is significant as it affects how much you pay for the ad and how frequently Facebook will run your ad. To improve your Relevance Score, run creative ads, identify a specific audience, and frequently change your Facebook ad tactics.

  1. Watch out for your competitors.

Competition is healthy, and learning one thing or two from your competitors, will improve how you market your brand. With Facebook Ads Benchmark you can determine how your brand is performing against your competitors. You can know how your brand is performing in terms of conversion rates and cost per click. For example, there are millions of dating sites that look alike on Facebook, and only a few ones are prevalent among their competitors. Studying and comparing them could give you ideas on how to do it better for your website page.

  1. Using Facebook Carousel ads.

These ads are customized such that you can showcase different parts of a particular product. Carousel ads allow you to add a maximum of ten images or videos in a single ad. From there, you can link the ad to other platforms.

  1. Facebook leads ads.

Facebook leads ads are a simple and efficient way of gaining information about your users. With this ad, your users don’t have to go to your website to register themselves because this ad opens within your page. Facebook leads ads to provide you with paramount user information that you can use for marketing and remarketing your brand. However, this tip can only be used through a mobile app.

  1. Facebook analytics.

Facebook analytics provides you with much-required analysis on how different users are interacting with your site, page, and mobile app. It comes with a mobile app that can help your track and review the performance metrics of your campaigns. It uses artificial intelligence technology to establish places users mostly visit within your page.

  1. Facebook pixel.

It’s a tip you can’t afford to miss out on. It’s a code that allows you to track user actions such as purchases, downloads, and conversion. Implement this code on your Facebook pages or sites, and you’ll be able to track your brand performance.

  1. Learn how to budget.

Facebook advertising is not about throwing a huge money allocation, rather is optimizing what you have, and making profits. Maximizing your limited resources is critical. Using analytics will help you turn everything around. With analytics, you can track conversion rates, learn your users’ patterns, and know where you need to focus more.


  1. Lookalike audiences.

This ad tip enables you to create two sets of potential customers. Using your Custom Audience, create another set of the target audience. The target audience won’t know your brand, but they share similar interests to users who already have interacted with your brand.


  1. Target using interests, behaviors, and demographics.

These three elements enable you to manually create your target audience. You get a target audience based on their purchase behaviors, the interests that they show towards particular subjects. When implemented the right way, manual targeting can rack you upconversion racks.

  1. Size of your ads.

Portions of the images and videos of your ad can be cut out if they don’t meet the required size specifications. The size of the images has to be 1200 * 628 pixels, video resolutions have to 729p. These size specifications ensure your ads are displayed the right way.

  1. Focus on mobile content.

Several Facebook ads are mobile-friendly. When creating your content keep in mind to learn more about mobile users rather than desktop users. Content created for desktop won’t work well for mobile apps, but the reverse is possible.

  1. Posting via Instagram.

According to research, posting your content through Instagram increases engagement level by 28%. Instagram has sky-rocketing engagement numbers, and posting through it will double your engagements leading to increased conversion rates.

  1. Incorporate CTA buttons into your Facebook ads.

Facebook enjoys average advertising of 0.9% through click-through rate. Incorporating CTA buttons increase this percentage by a cool 2.58 percent. This button can bring your incredible results in the long run.

  1. Pages to watch.

Pages to watch is an interesting Facebook feature that informs you of how other brands are performing in terms of marketing. You can add pages of brands that are relevant to your brand and see their weekly insights. It will help you gain knowledge on different strategies you can deploy in marketing your brand.

Facebook has been here for quite a long time, but it has been overshadowed by other social media platforms. However, when you take a deeper look at what Facebook offers when it comes to marketing, no business can ignore the benefits they stand to reap when they use this platform to promote brand awareness. Marketing takes time and effort, and what will set you apart is how far you are willing to go.



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