3 Biggest Outsourcing Fears


Want to learn more? Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from outsourcing.

Quality of Work Outsourcing is not a guarantee that you will get what you pay for. While the workforce can be competitive, there will always be individuals who lack the required aptitude and skills to complement a business function as the Quality Assurance CallCriteria offers. However, how is that different than hiring an employee in the United States? Someone may look great on paper, but you really are unsure of their capabilities until they actually begin working.

The best way to make sure you get what you pay for with outsourcing is to make sure you know your own requirements and you test against those requirements. For instance, if your customers like speaking with American customer service agents, the last place you should look to outsource that function is India. Once you find that accent, test it with your neighbors, colleagues, and coworkers – individuals who may actually hear your person on the phone one day. If your job requires someone with a specific skill, make sure you (or your outsourcing organization) test that skill before hiring that individual. Lastly, start small. We find that many of the problems companies face when outsourcing is the result of “bulk-hiring” practices where tens if not hundreds of people are brought onboard simultaneously. The time you take screening all your candidates early will be worth the time you save by not having to rehire for the same position again.

Investing in a high-quality hiring process is the only way to ensure a high quality of work on the backend.

Fear of data loss. Clients always put a premium on the security of their data, especially if that data is not stored in your office. Most outsourcing firms can give no guarantees that your information will be secured with their servers and databases. Even with background checks, limited access stations, and building security, information can still fall into the hands of unauthorized personnel. There are cases in which some outsourced employees have taken advantage of confidential data. Some banks are known to outsource their collection offices to some countries like India. Clients are aware of this and are shocked that social security numbers that are supposed to be confidential are being asked for verification purposes.

But, again, what is to stop a disgruntled employee in your U.S. office from doing the same thing? In fact, an overseas employee who steals your social security number doesn’t really have a use for it in China or the Philippines. At most, they can sell your social security number online to hackers, and at best, they try to call your social security number. What has become evident in the last few years is that the United States is not immune to data loss. There have been countless cases of big American companies losing sensitive information of millions of customers. If the first world can’t protect your information, how can you expect the third world to do the same?

Securing your intellectual property. 

Aside from quality control and client account security, intellectual property is another issue that is a concern for companies looking to outsource. The proprietary processes that you have developed over the years are now out in the open to strangers working thousands of miles away in a different time zone. How do you protect this information from falling into the wrong hands?

The only way to get around this thorny issue is to divulge only what you need to divulge.

 Minimize the amount of background information – focus on outsourcing a specific task that is useless without understanding the whole process. Physical, legal and electronic methods should be applied in order to prevent information loss. And wherever possible, make on-site visits and inspect your outsourcing facility.

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