3 Major Technology Updates You Should Consider for Your Company

Security Solutions

No matter what kind of business you’re running, there’s no doubt that you’re relying on technology. From your company website to automation in manufacturing, there’s no way to run an efficient and successful business these days without making some tech upgrades. Some companies stay on top of things much more than others, but even if you’re constantly trying to upgrade, can you ever be sure that you’ve done enough? Are you still using a legacy call center? Do you have a physical data center or virtual servers? Are you sure your security systems are powerful enough to handle modern threats?

Replacing old systems with digital software solutions and coming up with new, creative ways to use technology are crucial parts of any company’s digital transformation, but they aren’t the whole story. If you want to make the most out of new technology, you have to have the right people on board. Sure, that does mean having employees who understand the systems, but it also means training employees to reach out to customers and clients to find ways to better leverage your equipment to serve them, and it means that you, as the boss, will need to be vigilant about looking out for insider information to pass down.

Of course, in order to be as effective of a boss as possible, you’ll need to look the part. It’s important to have a good rapport with employees, but when you dress professionally, it shows that you take yourself and the company seriously, and it inspires employees to do the same. Pick out a professional-looking pencil skirt or a tailored suit to make sure you’re giving off the right image. Once you’re ready, here are the biggest tech updates you should be thinking about for your company.

Contact Center Software

Center Software

No business can survive without its customers, so it’s crucial that you offer them the best customer service you possibly can. Providing better customer support than your competitors help you stand out, and it can be the deciding factor in your favor when inspiring customer loyalty, even if you can’t offer the best prices. In fact, it may be even more valuable than you think, as 96% of customers say that customer service is the main point when deciding loyalty to a brand, and 84% of companies that work to improve their service are able to boost their revenue.

One of the first lines of contact you have with your customers, and a potentially huge source of frustration for them, is your call center. When you hear the phrase “call center,’ you may think of rows of cubicles with agents reading from a transcript while customers are perpetually placed on hold. This is the picture many customers have of call centers as well, and if you’re still using legacy systems, the picture in their head will be the reality. Customers are likely already frustrated before they even call in, so you’ll need modern solutions to help alleviate that instead of adding to it.

With Bright Pattern software, you’ll have a modern contact center solution that’s fully compliant with laws and regulations, allows for personalized and memorable customer experiences, has intelligent routing options, and much more. Its easy scalability means this call center software can be perfect for small businesses or enterprise companies alike. Options like AI-powered routing and interactive voice response (IVR) keep your customers from being placed on hold and instead let them settle simple issues with a bot or use their voice to immediately connect to the right agent for their concerns.

Bright Pattern contact center software isn’t limited to voice calls, either. As a modernized solution, it also allows customers to contact your agents using digital communication channels such as text, SMS, email, live chat, mobile apps, and more. Even better, since Bright Pattern is the only true omnichannel cloud platform, it lets customers seamlessly switch between communication methods when needed while staying in contact with the same agent. This saves everyone’s time and makes for a unique and memorable customer journey.

A unified agent desktop that tracks all conversations across all channels helps to improve your agent productivity as well. Easy call recording options even help your supervisors coach agents more effectively and ensure high-quality support.

Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Your business needs to be as secure as possible to protect sensitive information, ensure only employees with correct access can get into your systems, and protect your customers’ data. These days, cloud technologies offer innovative ways to stay ahead of security threats, maintain better access control, and monitor your systems at all times. Best of all, with a cloud platform, you’ll have a team of security experts dedicated to your business without having to hire your own cybersecurity team or maintain on-premises servers.

You can take a proactive approach to your security by having automated sweeps of your systems done to detect anomalies and vulnerabilities you may have and gauge their threat levels. Since cloud services are automatically updated with the latest features and security, your organization will be able to beat new security exploits as they’re discovered by expert researchers. You can even install multi-factor identification on your employee emails and other accounts so you can be sure that the only employees who can access sensitive data are the ones you’ve approved. Automated off-boarding ensures that employees who have left the company will have no ability to get back in and do harm for any reason.

Cloud providers can help with your physical security too. With hybrid cloud security cameras, you can keep tabs on your buildings from any location using approved devices that access your security feeds. You won’t have to worry about anyone else getting in thanks to a two-key system where both the key stored on a camera’s SSD and the key in the cloud are needed to access it. These cameras are already improving security in hospitals, banks, and other enterprises.

Goal-Setting Software

Goal-Setting Software

Your company works best when all departments and employers are in alignment with your business goals, but getting everyone to work together as efficiently as possible can be enterprise companies that have thousands of employees and may even have locations throughout the United States, North America, and the rest of the world. This is where a consistent goal-setting framework comes in, and OKR software can help your business achieve much greater efficiency while inspiring employee engagement and improving accountability across the company.

Objectives and key results is a management framework pioneered at IBM and made more famous after it helped transform Google from a relatively small business into the tech giant everyone knows today. The idea is that you set a few easily understandable objectives, or main goals, for your company to pursue each quarter into the next year. Increasing sales by 5% before the next quarter or finishing the deployment of new company tech by the end of the year could be great examples. Key results are then your measurable progress toward completing each objective. They’ll help determine whether your goals were too ambitious or if you should push harder next time.

OKR software enables you to easily keep track of company progress at all times, and you can send specific reports to department leaders to show exactly how their teams are contributing to the goals and even encourage individual employees to keep up their contributions. Your employees work best when they have the best tools for the job, and making these additions to your workplace can greatly improve your productivity, security, and customer service.

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