3 Quick and Simple Ways to Improve Your Content


When you’re running a business, growth is always going to be one of your main priorities. As time goes on, your business is expected to evolve. That includes all the content that comes with content marketing and advertising. Great content can grow into even better content if you stay on your toes and actively search ways to enhance your brand. Here are three quick and simple ways to improve your original content:

Start Your (Search) Engine

For many consumers, utilizing the search engine or the search query is the best approach to discovering a new product, business, or service. Search engine ranking plays a huge role in how consumers get their information; search results and results pages are often what lead them to web pages that feature the types of content they’re looking for.

It’s likely that you’ve heard of content optimization for SEO, but it never hurts to learn more! LinkGraph has created an online guide to SEO on-page content optimization. This guide covers the best practices for applying content optimization: keyword research, optimizing web pages, using tools such as Google Analytics to monitor your optimization, how to build and define your SEO content, and so much more. LinkGraph’s ultimate guide will show you the importance of content, search engine optimization, and how to use organic search to bring your target audience to the great content your website has to offer. Content creators will definitely benefit from having this guide as a reference.

Let Influencers Inspire You

Influencers have this incredible way of inspiring people. Some of influencers’ best content is also their own original content: Their creativity is one of the best ways to stand out among businesses.

Influencers produce quality content that we can all learn a thing or two from. Here are a few influencers who have useful content:

  • Janee Barbre: What do you see when a public relations and social media professional daydreams aloud? The manifestation of Janee is featured through her social media channels; whether she’s applauding a new lipstick, showing off a gorgeous outfit, or speaking up on social justice issues, you get to witness her creativity in real time.
  • Jaelan: Also know as faceovermatter, this influencer continues to inspire her target audience by posting intentional, faith-based content with a lovely matching aesthetic. The peace you feel on her page is unmatched.
  • Danielle Washington: Interested in how a business professional maintains her personal brand? LivingWashington is living proof that you can never be tied down to just one occupation.

Repurpose Content

Is there a piece of content that you’ve already published that you can’t get enough of? Maybe it was a blog post that garnered an impressive amount of comments. Maybe it was a social media post that increased the number of page views drastically. Whatever that piece of content was, the impact was powerful — even powerful enough to use that same content again.

Now, we don’t mean copy and paste the content again. Instead, repurpose it into a new form of media to show the information differently. You get to do more with what you already have; how efficient is that?

For example, you can take that amazing blog post and adapt it into a visually-pleasing infographic. Or, you can take a recent case study and break it down into a series of graphics for your Instagram page. You can even break down important phrases from a viral video to discuss in more detail in a feature on your website. There will always be ways to take useful content and mold it into a new form. Just keep an open mind and keep your creative juices flowing!

Deepak Rupnar
After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.

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