3 Reasons To Limit Your Kid’s Tech Time

Reasons To Limit Your Kid’s Tech Time

If you are raising children right now, you have probably already heard the arguments between parents about whether or not kids should be allowed to be staring at screens all day. Some parents are highly against it, not even allowing their children access to phones or tablets, while others view it as a smart way to parent because it gives their kids something safe to do while the adults try to get some things done around the house.

Reasons To Limit Your Kid’s Tech Time

Regardless of which side you find yourself on, it turns out there are actually some pretty good reasons to limit your kid’s tech time, at least a little bit. After all, your kids are the people who will decide which assisted living community you move into someday – you want to make sure they are kind, intelligent, and well-rounded.

Here are 3 reasons to impose limits.

Interpersonal Relationships 

Interpersonal relationships are becoming harder and harder for kids to navigate because they are so used to talking to other people only through text, email, phone calls, or video chats rather than face to face. Even when they are in situations where they can communicate in person, they are often still looking at their screens constantly.

This can really become an issue, especially as your kids get older because they may not be equipped to handle things in their personal relationships, and they may have difficulties communicating. Putting small limits on their screen time can help them to grow better relationships with others, including you!


Just like adults, if kids spend too much time staring at a screen all day, the blue light can start to affect them in negative ways and they may have trouble sleeping because of it. Insomnia is bad enough when you experience it – the last thing you need is for your kids to be plagued with it too! Try making bedtime rules such as ‘no tech time in the hour before bed’ and see if this has a positive effect on your child’s sleep.


Sometimes too much tech can become a real distraction in a child’s life, causing them to slack off on more important things such as their homework or extracurricular activities. Once they are old enough to drive, it can become an even more dangerous distraction if they look at their phones while driving. Make sure to teach your children about all of the distractions that can occur as a result of their phones or tablets and keep an eye on them when you can just to make sure.

Most parents will agree that a little bit of technology is not too harmful for a child and in many cases can actually be beneficial. But limiting their screen time can be smart.

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