3 Reasons Why Healthcare Should Embrace Managed Print Services

Printing is one of the major expenses in healthcare services. From prescriptions to test reports, a lot of printing is done on a regular basis in hospitals, therapy and counseling centers and healthcare testing centers. This may seem insignificant but the cost of printing can add up and make a huge sum at the end of the day. Even the responsibility of maintenance and managing printing can be a tiring and tedious task.

No matter how much the healthcare sector professionals try, eliminating printing entirely is not possible. It is therefore essential for healthcare service providers to focus on cutting down the cost of printing but at the same time ensuring that printing services are easily available and accessible. The best strategy for healthcare professionals therefore is to switch to managed print services. There are plenty of service providers in the market who specialize in providing their help for the healthcare sector. The managed print services are highly recommended and IT support Los Angeles swears by their usefulness.

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services take the load and pressure of printing on behalf of their clients. From general printing needs to special printing requirements like flexes, pamphlets and banners etc. all types of printing will be handled by the managed print service provider. The service providers discuss the needs with the clients and then compile a package that will best suit their requirements.

Based on the extent of the services, the service provider mentions a fee that is paid on a monthly basis. Some service providers offer specialized packages that their clients can opt for whereas there are other companies and managed print service providers that charge the clients according to their needs and use.

Why are Managed Print Services A Great Choice For Healthcare Sector?

As mentioned earlier, the healthcare sector involves a lot of printing. IT support Los Angeles promotes their services and highly recommends healthcare to embrace managed print services. Here are the top three benefits that this transition will bring about:

1. Security:

Ensuring that the patient’s records and information remain protected and secure is one of the most important aspects in the healthcare sector. The leak of sensitive information can lead to a lot of legal and ethical issues. The Managed Print Services are a lot more secure since the healthcare professionals have the choice of protecting the files using a password or passcode. The printer can also be controlled using a key or a code. Therefore, even if unauthorized personnel tries to access patient care files or print them, they will not be able to do so. Some service providers also add an additional layer of security by keeping a log of who prints which files. This way, it becomes easy to backtrack and accountability becomes easier as well.

2. Take The Load Off Of IT Department:

As mentioned already, printing may seem like a very simple task but it does consume a lot of cost. Other than the costs, the printers also require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. The printers need to be repaired, older ones have to be removed, new ones need to be added. You will also need to keep an eye on the toner levels and paper availability in the paper trays of the printers. All in all, these small roles and responsibilities can end up becoming a major upkeep task that can take a toll on the healthcare sectors IT department. The IT department already has too many responsibilities on their plate. Rather than engage the team and have them take care of this job as well, the healthcare sector can outsource this task and have the managed print service providers help them in this regard.

3. It is Economical:

Printing costs can skyrocket and get out of control within no time. The Managed Print Service providers are aware of all the aspects and factors related to printing. They can therefore make the right decision on behalf of their clients. These service providers will choose printers that are economical and budget-friendly yet performs well and are reliable. Other than the selection of the printers, adjusting the printer settings, paper selection, toner management and other strategies and tips that can help save money are the specialty of the managed print service providers. Therefore IT Consulting in LA recommends the use of Managed Print Services for the healthcare sector.


All in all, managed print services are a blessing in disguise for healthcare professionals and businesses. It is not only an economical solution for the healthcare sector but since the professionals will be free from the responsibility of taking care of printing and maintenance etc, they will be able to focus on other things that are a lot more important and require their attention.

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