3 Technological Marvels That Have Endured The Ages


Technology blogs are, by and large, focused on the shock of the new. We want shiny iPhones to coo over, dazzlingly slick graphics cards that’ll supercharge our computers and or assisted AI websites that can predict our very thoughts.

But there’s a whole technological world out there which doesn’t rely on new bits of kit. Instead, these technological marvels build upon the same engine and fine tune it to perfection.

And unless you’re an Elon Musk-alike tech billionaire, you probably rely on older technology much more often than you realise.

There are plenty of slightly older pieces of tech that behave like they’re on the cutting edge. Want some examples? Then take a look!

#1 Distance learning platforms

Online distance learning has become a firm feature of the educational marketplace, cementing itself into the public consciousness because of its ease of use and affordability for those without the cash to attend a brick and mortar institution.

The reasoning behind this lies in the stability of the systems underpinning a user’s experience. For years, institutions such as Cambridge-based Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning have perfected everything from Cloud-based integration to video lectures and discussion boards.

From a usability standpoint, there’s little more you could ask for from a distance learning platform.

#2 35mm film

When you visit the cinema, chances are you’re watching a digital video stored on a solid state drive. It’s the modern way, but it’s missing an intangible something that’s magical about the silver screen.

It’s for this exact reason that filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese have publically voiced their love of 35mm film, which was the industry standard for over a century. Many love it so much that they refuse to move with the times and abandon this supposedly obsolete format.

Tarantino’s a great example. He shot Once Upon A Time in Hollywood using 35mm film, resulting in an image with a richer texture than a work-a-day Marvel film. So 35mm, a piece of tech supposedly heading for the exit, was used in one of the biggest films of the past year.

#3 Mainframe computers

‘They’re going to hack into the mainframe!’ is the kind of phrase that will forever be associated with cyber thriller movies from the nineties. It’s an instantly recognisable sentence that’s ripe for parody, even if you’re not entirely sure what a mainframe computer is.

While it might seem like an antiquated phrase today, mainframe computers are still used by major corporations – and usually these are the same mainframe computers that were put into operation during the 1970s.

The US Navy, for instance, still uses emulated versions of their original PDP-11 software on updated hardware. Who said technology can’t age gracefully?

That’s our list! Why not join us in a salute to technology which has lasted the ages? Let us know some of your favourite pieces of tech, new or old, by posting in the comments below.

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