3 Tips for Choosing the Best Anagram & Word Scramble Games

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Growing up, one of my favorite things to do with my mom was to play Scrabble. Now that I’m older, it’s not always easy to find someone to play Scrabble with me and I’m always looking for new ways to play on my phone. That’s why I was so happy to find this list of top word scramble and anagram games.

Best 10 Anagram & Word Scramble Games

Below are some tips you might find useful when playing word games.

Take the Game on the go With Scrabble Apps

There are a lot of pieces in an actual Scrabble board game, so it’s hard to take it anywhere with you. That’s why having an app on your phone or tablet is the best choice. Not only will it let you play on the go, but you’ll also be able to play with other people anywhere.

There are a few options that you can choose from when you want to play Scrabble on an app. if you need something that you can play offline without WiFi or data, look for one that lets you play against the computer. If you don’t care connectivity, there are a lot of interactive games that you can download for free that let you play against other people either on a turn basis or in real-time. These kinds of games also help you with meeting new people and challenging yourself.

Use Scrabble Word Finders to Improve Your Skills

It’s not necessarily cheating to use word finders if you’re using them to improve skills prior to playing a friend. If you’re struggling with finding good words based on your given letters or you have trouble unscrambling your words creatively, then using the scrabble word finder is a good idea. It could be an app that generates words from letters – this can be a big help. After you’ve seen the way that a group of letters is able to be unscrambled so you can make words, you’re going to begin using some of those tricks to create words. A good trick is tacking on the letter S to a noun, for the most part, to make a new and get more points. If you have trouble finding words, you can use things like an anagram generator or an anagram solver app.

Play Old School Scrabble by Shopping Retailers

Apps are nice, but there are times when you really want to play the classic version of a game. If you’re interested in buying the actual physical Scrabble game, you can find some good deals on shopping apps. Some of the popular options are Amazon, Target, and Walmart to find games for good prices. With online ratings and reviews from other people who have bought the games, you’re going to know that you’re getting great games.


Next time you’re looking for someone to play word games with, look for one of the words unscrambler apps. You can choose from anagram games and unscrambler games.

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