3 Ways To Use Bitcoin In Day To Day Living


If by now you still aren’t fully aware of everything that surrounds the world of Bitcoin, then you might just be part of a select group of people. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have gone from being a tech driven idealistic project focused on finding monetary alternatives for the future to actually becoming the most popular up and coming currencies in the world. Using Bitcoin is starting to become an everyday thing, with more and more day to day uses for the world’s most popular crypto being put into practice every day. Bitcoin is used by top fortune companies around the world as well as by people who like to bet on NFL games and other sporting events, meaning it’s starting to show up literally everywhere.

Now, let’s say that instead of being a high level executive with an extensive knowledge about monetary dealings and the ins and outs of the business world you’re just another citizen looking to understand a bit more of what you can do in your day to day living with Bitcoin. Well, here are three ways in which Bitcoin can be used for everyday living.

  1. Paying For Tourism Related Travel Fare and Accomodations

Who doesn’t love to travel? Just take some days off from work and other responsibilities and reward yourself, or yourself and your loved ones with some well-deserved vacation time. Well, nowadays, using Bitcoin to pay for travel fare, hotel or other lodging accommodations and other vacation related dealings has become a very popular option for travelers looking for some much needed R&R time. Since Bitcoin has been garnering more and more ground in the world of currency dealings, the option of being able to pay for something as worldly and common as plane or cruise tickets as well as paying for tours, activities, food accomodations and other dealings has become even easier for tourists.

More and more travel agencies as well as hotels, airlines and other travel and vacation related businesses have taken to accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, this way ushering a new and more modern era of doing business and expanding their services for newer classes of customers who are into using these kinds of currencies.

The other main perk of using Bitcoin and other cryptos for tourism purposes is the fact that since this crypto has a decentralized nature to it, it can be used worldwide without facing any real taxation or exchanging issues. You can make transactions with it all over the world with ease and speed and since it’s starting to gain more and more popularity all around, the chances you’ll find places that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies wherever you may go are now higher than ever and getting higher as time goes by.

  1. Online Shopping

Given that Bitcoin is a digital currency it would only make sense that one of the main ways in which people from all walks of life could use it would be, of course, to do some online shopping. Online shopping is slowly but surely starting to replace actual physical shopping, especially ever since the global COVID-19 pandemic struck upon us and basically made everyone rethink the way we live our lives. Given the facilities that online shopping outlets offer clients in regards to delivering, product options and stocks and payment facilities, it has become a must do activity for many people around the world.

Given that e-commerce websites have been on the forefront of accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they have made it a point to offer as many facilities as possible for clients looking to shop for anything from gifts to everyday items online that are much easier and better. And not only that, thanks to the commodities that online businesses offer, you can even pay for everyday services online as well with Bitcoin.

  1. Online Game Playing

Another activity just like online shopping that picked up tremendously during these pandemic times and that has come to form an everlasting bond with the usage of Bitcoin and other cryptos is playing online games. Online gaming options like casinos and even sports betting websites have stepped up immensely during these times to offer their fans the biggest facilities and comforts when it comes to both playing games online and also doing a little wagering here and there.

These companies have all been some of the first ones to take on the challenge of accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment and it has been taken as a very welcoming change from their users all around. This has also helped these kinds of companies reach out and bring in newer generations of customers, those who are more focused on a more modern and tech driven approach to living everyday life.

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