4 Apps To Improve Your Essay Writing Skills In 2020


Many students seek some help when writing an essay they find difficult to write and turn to apps to write it smoothly. But what about the brand new apps that really give you something more than a single essay? Is there any software that may help you to improve your own writing skills, not only get a good mark?

Yes, such apps do exist and in 2020 we are offered a bunch of new (or seriously updated old) ones. Let’s browse through the four most prominent of them:

#1 One Look Reverse Dictionary

The word is here, on the tip of your tongue, but you still can’t remember it? One Look Reverse Dictionary is exactly what the name says: a reverse dictionary that finds a word for you according to your description. If English isn’t your native language or you are writing about unfamiliar topic with lots of professional slang in it – this app will be a life saver.

Moreover, One Look Reverse has a powerful vocabulary and offers you a wide range of synonyms. You may choose the most appropriate one context-wise – and learn similar words with slightly different meanings.

You may even check your idea by writing something that is on your mind and check if anyone has already invented (and named) the very same thing! This way of using One Look Reverse Dictionary is slightly non-conventional, but it still can be fun and exciting to know that you have just invented a new description of something not named before.

#2 Airstory

The great academic writing starts from the great plan and the greatest structure. Airstory is the tool that gives you the possibility to create the structure and outline of your essay before you start to flesh it out. No more endless copying and pasting pieces of text back and forth.

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Airstory is using the card system. You may write down the main characters, the traits, the causes or even the whole paragraphs and arrange them in whatever order you need. You may mark interconnections between them, just not to forget to mention them in your final version of the text. You may even untangle a complicated family story, marking all the lineages and ties between the characters!

This untangling works equally great with headings, subheadings and other vital parts of the essay. Make Paragraph 1 Paragraph 4 via pair of clicks! The visual interface is very user-friendly, allowing you to imagine the whole structure graphically – that is much easier than abstract trees of headings, subheadings and sub-subheadings.

Also, you can find different examples of essays. For example, you need to write an essay about consumerism, check https://studymoose.com/consumerism, and analyze their structure to make your paper ideal.

#3 FocusWriter

For us lazy people who are so easy to get distracted. FocusWriter is a clean, distraction-free text editor… well, you almost can’t edit the text actually. It is created to resemble a sheet of paper as much as possible, just to let you express your ideas without messing up with choosing fonts for headers, subheaders and other stuff you don’t need until the final draft.

The interface covers all the desktop, overlapping all random notification, social media hot icons and other stuff you may click just because you don’t want to write. Even the clock can be a distraction, so FocusWriter covers it too and offers an alarm instead. Now it’s just you and the blank sheet of paper.

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FocusWriter does features basic text formatting tools, like alignment and bold / italics / underlined text, but you can’t play with text color or layout for hours anymore. It is a simple, elegant and completely distraction-free app for any desktop or laptop.

#4 Grammarly

Grammarly is your pocket proofreader. If you want to make your writing speech cleaner and clearer, this is what you really need. Grammarly finds and corrects (or suggests corrections) typos, grammar and punctuation errors, provides synonyms for the words that are used too often or seem out of context.

Grammarly also cuts the overly long sentences to shorter ones in the best possible manner. Did you know that people tend not to remember sentences that they can spell out with one breath? Now you do. Grammarly does too and makes everything to make your text as reader-friendly as possible.

Grammarly is considered one of the best proofreading apps. Also, it doesn’t just correct your mistakes quietly, it draws your attention to them and therefore makes you remember them and avoid them in the future. This is the most useful thing in this app if we are talking about improving your own skills, not just smoothing your text.

These four apps are different and each deals with the particular problem of a writer-to-be. But they are incredibly effective when it comes to skills improvement. Some of these apps may look uncomfortable at first (you can’t be distracted while you want to, you have to pay attention to alerts about grammar mistakes etc.) but they really help you improve your wordsmithing talent.

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