4 Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings of 2020: Enhance Your Gaming Experience with them


There are various settings provided in the Nvidia control panel that every game lover must know so that they can understand them, tweak them as per their requirements, and enjoy playing the game in the best way. 

These settings help to enhance the game experience and performance so one must know about them and apply as and when required. 

Hereby Technographx has described 4 best Nvidia control panel settings of 2020 in this post. For this, open your Nvidia control panel and head on to the Manage 3D settings in the left side menu bar. 

There will be two tabs: Global settings and Program settings. Program settings are for changing the settings for any particular game and global changes the settings for all the games. 

Now, let’s have a look at the below settings. 

  • Ambient Occlusion

This technique is used to calculate how much ambient lighting is given to a particular point in a scene. It is used to give proper shadow detail and lighting to every point in the game scenes. You can go turn this button On/Off as per your requirement. If you want to improve the game quality then you need to turn this On. 

  • Anisotropic Filtering

With this technique, you will see the surfaces clear. When you move your player ahead in the game, you will notice that the surfaces look clear and not blur, it is possible because of Anisotropic filtering. If it is turned off then you will see the surfaces blur but when it is turned on then you will see detailed and sharp surfaces. 

The consumption of memory bandwidth is high when you turn on this feature but the game quality will be enhanced greatly. Set it to 16X and you will get the best results. 

  • Anti-Aliasing 

This technique removes the staircase effects from the game and makes it smooth. It makes the undesirable jagged edges successfully converted into pixels and the game gets smooth. 

  • Power Management Mode

This mode will let you save power as you play the game. There are various options that you can try out, start with the “Adaptive” option. If you find any problem while playing the game then set it back to “Prefer Maximum Performance.” 

So, here were the 4 best Nvidia control panel settings of 2020. Just check them out when you play the game and enhance your gaming experience!

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