4 Business Processes You Should Automate


Technological advancement has changed many areas of our lives, including the world of business and it is sometimes difficult to catch up with all new solutions. However, instead of being mildly scared that you will not be able to keep track of our competition, it is far better to embrace the changes and search for optimal solutions for us.

In the sea of new software and gadgets that appear every month or so, the trick is not to go for the most expensive ones just because they seem most comprehensive. What’s important is that you understand the needs of your business and with those pieces of information, you will be able to make a decision on what could be improved by automating certain processes. With that in mind, here are four business processes that you should consider automating so you can increase profit through optimization.

Bring order to social media strategies

It goes without saying that social media have become the biggest playground not just in terms of communication but business as well. Your brand’s online presence has to be up to par and your profiles active and regularly updated in order to be noticed by prospective customers. If you draw their interest, they would be prompted to see your offer, which brings us to the aim of every successful social media strategy – boosting conversion rates.

To facilitate this significant part of your daily operations, it is vital you take time and prepare in advance by using different tools to schedule posts so you would post carefully planned content at the time you know people browse social media channels. To know the preferable time, as well as to prepare suitable content to target the right audience, you could use convenient software solutions such as Google Analytics. This tool isn’t complicated to utilize and you can get many practical pieces of information from it which you can then use in different strategies. Setting scheduled posts for all social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Reddit will greatly improve the flow of your business. Yes, you can schedule a post on Reddit with Delay For Reddit, although many people wouldn’t know that.

Simplify the entire payroll process

Gone are the times of paper checks, waiting in lines to receive your hard-earned salary and employers paying unnecessary high transaction fees. The payroll process is not important only to the employees but to employers as well since you naturally wish to simplify the process for both parties. Providing each employee with a personalized payroll card is a good idea not only because it abides by secured electronic funds transfer regulation but also integrates with any payroll service provider.

From the perspective of an employee, they wish to be able to get their salary with as little hassle as possible. This means that not having to wait in lines to cache the check and eliminating the fee that comes with cashing them will make the entire process quicker and easier. Another advantage is that these cards don’t impact credit so the employees can use them with confidence. Business experience has shown many employers that if the employees are satisfied, so will they be.

Systematize customer service

There are many elements that influence your reputation, and customer service is definitely one of them. Customers will always have questions, no matter how detailed your FAQ section is and your customer service strategy plays an important part in your customer retention scheme. If the answers are tardy or lack coherence and essential pieces of information, chances are those customers will not be coming back to purchase more of your products.

So, one method which can help both your business and your customer service team is to introduce a chatbot. The idea behind it is to have it as the first line of defense to ensure that customers that eventually reach the live agent actually have questions which cannot be already found in the FAQ or the rest of the website. Of course, a neat FAQ section is mandatory but by making sure that only customers with issues or complex questions get to communicate with your agents, you will switch from quantity to quality customer service. All customers will get their answers but they would be more satisfied with the personal approach that they received.

Tackle inventory and office management

Strategically organized inventory is a crucial element to the financial prosperity of any product-based company. Automating inventory control will significantly decrease the chances of human error since they won’t be manually entering or changing data. With a precise representation of the amount and the location of your products, you will have a clearer picture of the efficiency of your marketing and sales strategies.

As for office management, automating everyday tasks will help streamline the business operations which will, in return, make your employees more productive. Also, since remote working is on the rise, especially with the need for time and location flexibility, having each segment of a project detailly presented and available is essential for a fruitful collaboration and maximum results.


Even if your small business is not spread across different locations, you can only benefit from automating certain business processes. In that manner, they would reach a higher level of transparency, you will save you and your employees a lot of time which used to be spent on menial tasks and anything you invest in the automation process will be returned manifold. With less stress and more productivity, your small business will soon be on the road to growth and success.

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