4 Effective Techniques the Best Essay Writers Use


There are several differences between professional writers and amateur ones, beyond the obvious. Students who can order an essay (particularly if they’ve used a variety of writing services) will know the difference. Many academic freelance writers are very good at what they do, it is undeniable, but that isn’t to say that they rely purely on their own abilities at all times. There are many tips and tricks which professional writers can rely on regularly in order to create papers which go above and beyond for their customers. These tips and tricks are not unique to professional writers, of course – they can be used by anybody who wants to try and give their work a boost, or to make it better than it was before.

Make an outline

To write an essay which will be both professional and accurate, it is good to start by organising how you are going to approach the writing process. Organising your thoughts on the essay, and putting them into a coherent form allows you as the writer to see and create links between the different points of your argument. Writing an outline allows you to create a structure to hang your writing on.

If an outline is too strict for you, or if you want to add a stage in before the outline writing, or if you simply find outlines to not be to your taste, you can use a diagram. Write your topic in the middle of the page, and then use lines to branch off from that. Each line corresponds to one of your ideas and arguments for within the essay. Draw lines from them for minor points.

To write an outline, write the topic at the top of the page, and then begin listing your main ideas. Under each main idea, include the minor points and arguments which will contribute to each main idea, and flesh them out.

Think about who is reading

This is more often thought of for creative writing, but it applies to all kinds of academic writing. You need to keep an eye on the people you are writing for, since they will determine how the writing in your essay works. If you are writing for people in your field, that will create a different paper to one which is written for people who are in school, and so on. Different people will also have different styles which they are looking for.

For example, teachers or lecturers, as the people who have most likely set you the essay, will be marking it. They will be looking for work which answers the question and which is grammatically correct. When writing these essays, the best thing to do is try to be original when writing, because they know what they are expecting, and you will surprise them.

People outside of your particular field, on the other hand, may not have the same amount of knowledge as you or others do, and so the way you write has to change. Instead of simply using jargon, and assuming knowledge, you should spell everything out and make it all plain.

The main point to remember is that you need to keep people’s interest if you are to gain their good opinion. This is why a technique which is normally associated with creative writing is so important – since books and stories have to hold the attention of their readers, they have become very good at catering to the attention span and interests of the groups they are targeting.

Have a thesis statement

A good thesis statement is an absolute necessity for any essay. The thesis statement is your entire argument boiled down into one or two sentences so that people who are ready to read on will have a basic idea of what you are going to be talking about. The thesis statement appears in both the introduction and the conclusion and is referenced in all the body paragraphs. It is important to keep your eye on the thesis statement, because sometimes what can happen is that the arguments end up taking a different direction to the one which the thesis statement does. When this happens, you need to remember to amend your thesis statement to be sure that it fits with your paper.

Have a hook

You need to make sure that anybody reading your paper will want to continue reading it. This is called a hook, and it is present in both fiction and academic work. The hook is what convinces people that they want to continue reading, and keeps them interested in what is to come. Having a good hook convinces people that what you have to say is worth reading, so incorporating one is a very good idea.


Writing a good paper is not simply about being able to write –there are tips and tricks involved, and it is these which separate professional writers from amateur ones. The tips and tricks which are above are only the beginning of what can be done, but hopefully they will help people who want to improve their writing.

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