4 iOS App Development Trends of 2022

4 iOS App Development Trends of 2022

With the release of iOS 12, Apple released various vital features that made the OS much more reliable. Additionally, the user experience of the iPhone was also enhanced with the latest update. And with such updates, it is likely to rule the next year as well.

For developing your app with the innovative features of iOS, you can hire dedicated iOS app developers, and they will help you with installing all your required features in your app. But before you hire an iOS app developer, you need to know about Apple’s latest trends. So, if you want to stay up-to-date with the iOS trends of 2022 and take advantage of them, then we can help you. How? By providing you with the list of development trends of iOS in 2022:

#1 AI/ML

Artificial intelligence is becoming a game-changer, especially in the mobile app development world. And Apple is leading the way in implementing Machine Learning technology in their devices. It launched its core processor named A12 Bionic. This processor has a Neural Engine to perform different tasks of Machine Learning like Face ID lock, Animoji (or Memoji). It also allows the devices to perform multiple tasks like taking better photos and recognizing patterns of irregular heartbeats.

Apple’s framework – CoreML 2 or Core Machine Learning 2, allows the creation of high-performing and highly responsive applications among general iOS applications. This framework is also useful to analyze natural language text and deduce the language-specific metadata. It supports different tasks like script and language identification, lemmatization, parts-of-speech tagging, training, and deploying various custom natural language models.

Ever since Apple introduced AI personal assistant – Siri, we all know how immense popularity it has gained. And Apple is making Siri smarter to make technology more helpful for people. Apple released SiriKit for iPhone app developers. This will enable them to integrate iOS and watchOS with Siri by using just voice. And there are numerous benefits of integrating SiriKit with the iOS app. It grants you access from a lock screen and hands-free usage.

Siri Shortcuts also suggests shortcuts to actions smartly. One can easily find which actions in the app are suitable for them and what app features they would like to use in the future. How does Siri know this?

Apps tell Siri about the different actions of the users by specifying them with different shortcuts. One can even run shortcuts by their voice and create their own shortcut with the latest Apple’s Shortcuts app.

#2 Cross-Platform Apps and Swift 5

Apple’s Swift comes among the best leading programming languages. At present, the count of apps written in Swift is beyond thousands. Swift 5 is essentially recommended for its inherent benefits like safety, scalability, and simplicity. And to leverage all these benefits, you can hire iOS app developer, and they will do the rest for you.

#3 Demand of IoT

HomeKit is a secure IoT ecosystem of Apple. It helps iPhone users to connect to different IoT devices easily. It even allows users to communicate and control different connected devices for home automation. Users can create different actions for controlling the devices simply by grouping the apps together and managing them with the help of Siri.

#4 AR/VR and 3D Coming to the Forefront

AR/VR is catching the spotlight, and Apple has done many improvements for its ARKit2. It will provide improved face tracking, enable easy measurement of objects with the iPhone, and support 3D object detection. With this kit, users can create any piece of AR easily. It even enables iOS developers to create multiplayer and multi-levels games. SceneKit is useful for 3D graphic designing that will enhance the overall experience of the user.


Development trends are evolving continuously with the evolution of technology and user’s demands. For constantly providing the latest technology and features to users, you must stay updated with different trends regularly. In 2022, we shall see the above-mentioned trends taking place in the Apple development programs.

Like every year, in 2022, developers will get innovative opportunities to serve their uses with the best experience. As a business owner, you can get the benefit of all these trends. To develop your app with Apple’s latest trends, you can hire dedicated iOS app developers.

Last but not the least, security is a factor one should never overlook. As we know the number of hackers is growing rapidly, and their hacking methods are evolving with the evolution of technology. In such a situation, it is crucial to make sure your security is not compromised. Apple has managed quite remarkably to develop an enterprise-wide, secure culture. This can give developers and users a safe promising environment to develop and use Apple’s development. For every company, it is important to constantly keep improving its own security to prevent any kind of data breaches and cyber-attacks.


It is important to stay updated with the latest iOS trends before developing your apps with the iOS. Thus, here is a list of iOS development trends you should look for in 2022.

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