4 Reasons for Remote Computer Monitoring

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Remote computer monitoring involves supervising and tracking the activities on a computer via a separate terminal. By doing so, a manager or employer can know exactly what employees are doing on their workstations at any given point in time, or obtain reports providing an overview of their activities over a certain period.

Based on that alone you may already start to see why remote computer monitoring is so useful to employers. In particular, there are 4 main reasons that it is carried out:

Minimize time wastage

In many offices a large amount of time is wasted during working hours by employees idly browsing the internet, checking social media, chatting via instant messaging, and so on. As such employers use remote computer monitoring to track (or block) these activities and also find out how much time is spent being idle as opposed to actually working. Based on the information that is acquired, action can be taken where needed so that productivity isn’t affected.

Measure efficiency and productivity

By tracking computer activities, it is possible to determine how productive an employee is – especially when those metrics are correlated with other performance data. It can help to provide a complete picture of just how efficient an employee is time that they spend working by comparing it against the work that has been completed. All this information can then be used to evaluate employees’ performance better, and possibly incentivize productivity.

Enable flexible working hours

As more and more companies allow their workers to have flexible working hours, remote computer monitoring has started to play an important role in letting employers track the activities of those employees. With monitoring software, employers can determine the time and duration their employees have been working, and also what activities they performed during that span – even if they are working remotely.

Increase data security

Companies often want to ensure their data is as secure as possible, to prevent confidential information from reaching the wrong hands. Monitoring software can help in that regard, as it can track any suspicious activities by employees that may cause data to leak via email, file transfers, and other methods. Some can also carry out keylogging and generate logs that can be searched for potential breaches.

Overall if remote monitoring software is implemented in a reasonable and measured manner, it can help to boost productivity while also helping to provide additional security. As you can see the exact reasons for using it can vary from company to company, but suffice to say most companies stand to benefit from it in some way or other.

Now that you know the reasons for remote computer monitoring, the question you should ask yourself is: Can you really afford to do without it? In today’s workplaces, remote computer monitoring has a crucial part to play in supervising employees’ activities, and ensuring that they are being as productive as possible. That in itself should make a compelling case for using it in your workplace.

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