4 Reasons to Use Windows VPS Hosting for Your Growing Website


An introduction to Windows VPS Hosting

You can’t run a successful business without having an impressive online presence. It’s a no-brainer that every web owner wants the best value for money and ease of operations. If you desire these two benefits, then Windows VPS is an ideal option for you.

As the name suggests, Windows VPS hosting combines two highly effective technologies. They are VPS and a Windows operating system. Every computer user knows how to operate a Windows operating system. It’s famous for its easy user interface. You can effortlessly operate the windows operating system.

In a Virtual Private Server (VPS), you get a dedicated portion of the physical server. You own hardware components like RAM, CPU, and storage capacity. You will get a separate operating system and bandwidth as well. 

Most people start with basic shared hosting. It’s the cheapest plan available, as you share server resources. You won’t get high performance in shared hosting. Shared hosting is not capable of handling increased traffic. 

Dedicated hosting offers high performance. Here, you will get an entire physical server to your website. That’s why dedicated hosting is very costly. 

Windows VPS hosting India is a hybrid approach. Here, you will get the benefits of the other two methods in India. Cost-wise it’s middle a road approach. Windows VPS India is a lot cheaper than dedicated hosting.

However, Windows VPS offers the best value for your money. You will get many benefits like excellent security, scalability in cheap windows VPS hosting.

VPS hosting service providers will offer various operating systems. The most popular are Linux and Windows Operating Systems. If you want a friendly interface and the option of using different software, then Windows VPS is highly recommended. That provides enhanced security and excellent technical support.

When to Consider Upgrading Your Hosting Plan to Windows VPS

Many people host their site initially on shared hosting. It won’t be sufficient in the following examples:

  • The loading time of your website has increased.
  • Higher traffic on your site.
  • You want to enhance protection for your data.
  • Your site performance has dropped. 

In all examples mentioned above, you have likely outgrown your shared hosting plan. You need to consider upgrading your hosting plan.

There is the option of dedicated hosting. Here, you will get many performance benefits. You’ll have an entire physical server at your disposal. But the very high cost of dedicated hosting is not suitable for your small business.

Cheap VPS Windows hosting offers you the answer. You just have to upgrade from shared hosting to Windows VPS.

You need to be honest with yourself regarding your server requirement. It doesn’t make any financial sense to overinvest in unused server resources. Hence, you need to choose an ideal moment to upgrade your hosting plan.

4 Reasons to Use Windows VPS Hosting for Your Growing Website:

1) Windows VPS offers the best value for your money: 

In shared hosting, there are various websites hosted on the same physical server. There is no partition between them. So, any website can hog the majority of server resources making your site slow.

It’s similar to sharing a building with other people. Here, you will get single electricity, water connection. So someone will use your share of these resources.

Dedicated hosting will offer the entire physical server to your website. It’s like buying a building. You will get tremendous resources all for yourself, but the cost is very high.

Windows VPS is similar to buying an apartment in a building. Here, you will get your resources like a dedicated parking place, water, electricity, etc. You pay for what you use. There is a partition with other sites on the physical server similar to a wall partition between two apartments.

Here, Windows VPS offers you the most economical plan. They are very cost-effective. You don’t have to pay for overcapacity, meanwhile enabling your site’s capability of managing the surge in traffic. If you have a small to medium-sized business, then Windows VPS is the ideal answer to your problem.

2) Your neighbor won’t use your server resources:

 In shared hosting, physical server resources are shared by multiple sites. If any website has a sudden surge in traffic, then it will use higher resources from the same pool. You will get fewer server resources than you paid.

Here, your site will become slow. There is nothing more irritating than a slow website for visitors. Ultimately you will lose visitors; it will hurt business growth.

Windows VPS will offer you high performance. Here, you will get dedicated server resources as per your payment. 

3) Windows VPS offers excellent security:

Windows VPS provides enhanced protection compared to shared hosting. Your data is completely isolated from other sites located on the same physical server.

In shared hosting, if another site gets infected by malicious software. There is a danger of your website getting affected by a security breach. Windows VPS will provide you separate storage capacity. Thus, making an accidental transfer of malicious software to your site impossible.

Windows VPS provides excellent protection against online threats. They use tools like firewalls, regular backups, protection against DDoS attacks, RAID1 software, etc. 

4) Windows VPS offers significant control: 

You have complete control over your virtual server. You get a Windows Operating System with administrative privilege. You can set up and customize your server by using the Plesk control panel.

Here, you can use any software that runs on Windows OS. Windows VPS provides you advanced options like coding, testing applications, etc. 

You will get excellent scalability with Windows VPS. You can upgrade anytime to manage your traffic.


Windows VPS offers an ideal solution to your expanding online presence. Here, you get a cost-effective, high-performing plan. It offers excellent protection against ever-increasing online threats.

The best Windows VPS hosting service provider is a Wise Solution as they offer cheap windows VPS. You can access your desktop remotely anywhere in the world.

Wise Solution has an excellent team of technical experts. You will get guaranteed 24*7*365 support.

You will get a Plesk control panel for windows that allows multitasking. Wise Solution offers high-performing fast Windows VPS that will reduce your website loading time. Google favors fast sites in the search ranking. Hence, you will get the benefit of a ranking boost.

Wise Solution offers you excellent protection against all types of online threats like DDoS attacks. They have robust site backup. Your site will be up and running in no time in case of any problem.

If you want high-performing Windows VPS at the lowest possible price, then you have to opt for Wise Solution. They serve customers from 130 different countries.

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