4 Traits of an Effective Project Manager

Project management is often exciting and interesting but almost always a demanding and time-consuming process. Nowadays, when the world of business changes at the speed of light, we need to question old-fashioned methods used for managing projects, introducing fresh solutions that will save us time and money.

At the same time, project managers need to be aware that employees today insist on having a level of flexibility at work, accompanied by a strong sense of purpose. Therefore, they’ll follow leaders who are ready to listen to them and welcome their ideas, gathering them around the common significant goal.

4 Traits of an Effective Project Manager

If you’re ready to become a future leader that will build strong trustworthy teams driven to tackle any challenge that comes their way, keep reading. You’ll find out what the most remarkable traits of a successful project manager are.

1. They Are Smooth Communicators

It’s not a secret that communication or lack of it can make or break a project. One study showed that over half of projects fail due to communication breakdown. The time of rigid project managers that only gave orders and expected things to be done, disregarding the opinions of others has long gone.

For this reason, you should foster open and honest communication, listening carefully to every opinion and idea. In this way, you’ll build much-needed trust within your team, letting your employees know that they are heard and appreciated. Also, by keeping communication clear, you’ll avoid possible misunderstandings that can harm your projects.

If you want to improve communication in your team, try making a project communication plan, pointing out the possible ways of communication to employees and clients.

Also, when giving feedback focus on strong sides that may contribute to the project. On the other hand, provide support and guidance to employees struggling with specific tasks.

2. They Have an In-Depth Understanding of the Entire Process

There’s so much more involved in the project management process than planning, execution, and delivery. Project managers also have to deal with giving feedback, delegating tasks, and providing edits. To make sure you juggle all this successfully, try using the help of advanced tools, like user activities monitoring software to keep track of various projects you manage. This efficient software simplifies the whole project management process by giving you a clear picture of all the things related to your projects. You’ll be able to see who’s working on what, accompanied by the time spent on various projects.

You can use this data to discover potential issues and solve them on the spot by re-assigning specific tasks, making the process faster and easier. Furthermore, you may browse archived projects and draw valuable lessons and solutions from your past projects.

3. Effective Project Managers Set Clear Expectations and Boundaries

This trait is closely related to communication but it implies so much more. Numerous projects have failed because employees didn’t know what is expected of them. This is why successful project managers know how to set clear expectations and be firm about them.

First, you need to know your team’s advantages and limitations to set realistic expectations. By doing this you’ll avoid burnout or slacking. Furthermore, once that everyone is assigned to the right task, make sure employees understand what their responsibilities are.

Only when they know what they should do to fulfill expectations and reach set goals, will employees be highly productive and laser-focused on their work.

4. They Make Decisions Based on Relevant Data

Successful project managers use data collected via project tracking tools to make well-grounded decisions. Try using this invaluable information to predict the time needed to finish a project or avoid potential pitfalls. Project tracking tools give you a real-time overview of your current projects, showing their progress so that you can see how your decisions translate into real-life actions.

Shortly put, these are some of the dominant traits of project managers of the future. The world of business is changing rapidly. If you want to be on top of these changes, make sure you involve advanced technological solutions and fresh leadership skills in your project management.

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