4K Video Producers Could Enjoy VideoProc – Edit and Convert 4K Videos in Minutes


For crystal clear images, eye-capturing videos and crisp sound, most video producers prefer to capture and deliver their projects in 4K resolution. However, while the quality of 4K videos is amazing, the 4K video editing process is equally troublesome. Unlike an average HD video, 4K videos demand more computing power and better video processing software.

Understanding your needs

Whether you are capturing video on mobiles or professional cameras, a 4K video takes up much more space than an average HD video. If you are using a GoPro for action shots and outdoor adventures, you probably understand the need for a strong video processing software. Most old devices are not even capable of playing a 4K video, leave alone processing and editing.

So, what should you do if you want to capture a 4K video? Should you throw all your old equipment away and start from scratch? No.

Is there a solution?

When we talk about quality software to edit and convert 4K video, we think of options like VideoProc. This simple and easy to use software will let you edit, convert, download and record high-quality videos without lags. The best thing about VideoProc is its simple and minimalistic design that makes editing and processing videos a breeze.

If you don’t have the best PCs, the fastest GPUs and the several terabytes of memory but still want to work on 4K videos, VideoProc is an option worth exploring. We recently reviewed the product to understand why hundreds of users are raving about its features online. Here is what we found.

VideoProc software review

An easy video editor and converter, VideoProc comes from Digiarty. The easy file converter and processing tool that can make any 4K video, recorded on any device to run on any media platform. Whether you want your video to play easily on a mobile phone or simply want to create an awesome spot for your YouTube channel, VideoProc has you covered.

How to download?

Simply go to the VideoProc website and find the “Download” button. The software will be auto-downloaded to your computer in less than a minute. It comes with a free trial, but since it is the holiday season, you can get a VideoProc 60% discount if you buy the full version. The interesting thing about the software is that it doesn’t need a high-end iMac to run. You can download and run this application on any Windows device (with Windows 7 or later).

The free/trial version of the software comes with 5-min media limit, which means that you cannot edit or process videos longer than 5 mins. You will also not get access to advanced features and lifetime upgrades, which are available with the paid version.


What we liked about VideoProc-

#1 Hardware acceleration

It may get hard to run or edit a 4K video on a Windows device. With the unique GPU acceleration feature, VideoProc solves this problem easily. Videos can be edited quickly and without lags.

#2 Low price

The software comes with a free/trial version that lets you edit smaller videos (less than 5 mins) quickly. However, if you are an adventurer, a professional editor or producer, you can get the software at a low price of $29.95/year.

#3 Editing tools

The software comes with numerous editing tools like cutting, splitting and merging videos. It can also stabilize and enhance videos, fix fisheye and remove noise. You can add effects, make MKV files or create M3U8 playlists. Social media buffs will also find it easy to make GIFs with this software.

Watch the official YouTube video to learn how to convert and edit 4K videos with VideoProc:

#4 Fast processing

With its full hardware acceleration features, VideoProc is 47x faster than its peers in real-time. It gives you engaging, high-quality videos processed at super speeds, even on older devices.

#5 Flexible and simple

The software can edit high quality and 4K video footage shot on any device- mobile phone, tablets, DSLRs and GoPros. It can convert videos to any format which plays without lag on mobiles, tablets, desktops and even TVs.

Final words on VideoProc

If you are looking for a hassle-free way to edit and convert video files, VideoProc is the cheapest, fastest and most reliable option for you. Whether you are working with old devices or new, with phone or GoPro footage, the software provides a smooth editing experience. We found it to work at exceptional speeds regardless of the size and resolution of the footage in use. The editing is smooth, the effects are commendable, and the ability to create M3U8 playlists or MKV files is also incredible.

What we specifically liked about the software is that it converts videos without compromising quality. The footage we converted using VideoProc was perfect for 16:9 resolutions like YouTube and 1:1 square resolution like Instagram as well. Overall, we consider it a quality video editing and processing software which could provide you with a bang for your buck.


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