5 Annoying Tech Problems That Cause People to Break Their Devices

5 Annoying Tech Problems That Cause People to Break Their Devices

Many of us have love-hate relationships with technology. When our devices don’t perform optimally in our quest for knowledge, entertainment, or work, we get a little cranky. In a survey of 2000 adults, most people confessed to losing patience with their tech for the following reasons:

1. Slow Internet

While connectivity issues can be annoying, the following fixes could speed up your connection:

  • Connect your computer, TV, or video game console directly to your router with an ethernet router
  • Place the router in a central place of the house away from obstruction to speed up your router’s connection to your ISP and your WiFi connection
  • Consider using a WiFi signal booster to improve connectivity in remote areas of your house
  • Optimize your web browser for a slower connection and turn off automatic downloads when browsing the Internet
  • Restart your router weekly to clear its memory and reset it periodically with your ISP’s help as a final resort.

2. Slow Computer

Usually, a slow computer needs more memory or a quicker processor to perform faster. Sometimes it needs to be replaced altogether. However, uninstalling unnecessary programs and removing unneeded programs from StartUp can help. Occasional restarts can also give your PC a breath of fresh air. In addition, good cybersecurity software can get rid of malware that eats up valuable processor power.

3. Pop-up ads

Certainly, pop-up ads are annoying. They can fill your screen when you least expect it and are usually signs of an adware infection. Although adware is more irritating than harmful, it can slow down your system, use up your connection to send your browsing data to marketers, and hijack your browser.

The best way to avoid adware is only to visit trusted websites. Corrupt, fake, and fraudulent websites can infect your computer with adware. The most efficient way to destroy adware is to use an adware cleaning tool that aggressively crushes adware, spyware, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), and browser hijackers without draining your computer’s processing power.

4. WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

If your WiFi keeps disconnecting, then call your ISP. If everything is OK from their end, then try to restart or reset your router as described above. If your WiFi keeps disconnecting, then your router may need a firmware update with assistance from your ISP. Of course, your final option is to replace your router.

5. Forgotten Password

In an age where malware attacks and identity theft crimes are growing by the day, it’s critical to create a sophisticated password that features numbers, symbols, lower case letters, capital letters and is devoid of common words.

While a great password keeps cybercriminals out of your account, it’s also challenging to remember, especially because experts advise you to use a unique password for each account. The best solution to this problem is to use a reputable password manager to create and securely store your passwords. The right password manager keeps your data offsite on encrypted cloud-based servers.

These are solutions to five common annoying tech problems. Try them first before you take any drastic measures.

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