5 Best Kodi Alternatives For Movies Freaks


If your list of priorities includes staying up-to-date with the latest entertainment application, then you must be aware of how Kodi has garnered immense popularity over a couple of years. But, the buffering problems cannot be taken out of the mind.

For, it has widely made fans go beyond their possibilities to search for an effective method to fix the ‘install dependency’ error in Kodi. To troubleshoot this problem, here goes the guide to best alternatives for Kodi on Android device. Keep reading on to know the intriguing factors.

5 Best Alternatives for Kodi for Android OS

For all Android users, they must have known how interesting and exiting the platform is. With the inclusion of a thousand applications, the operating system has widely inspired fans. In a nutshell, Android operating system rules the entire globe, and there’s no doubt that the services go unmatched.

The most wonderful pleasure of using an Android OS-based device is that the platform gives you the license to use applications that aren’t available in the Google Play Store, but with a few tricks and tweaks.

Similarly, if you have already made up your mind to use a Kodi alternative for Android, then you can choose any of the 5 best Kodi alternatives for Android users. Keep reading on to know about them in brief.


Movie and TV watching styles have been changed over time. Now that the streaming applications have already replaced the tradition of purchasing CDs and DVDs from the offline stores, it is trendier to use one media watching tool which will also ensure users to download movies directly.

The choice goes for MovieBox, the most popular movie streaming app that offers same benefits as that of Netflix or Hulu. But what makes it more intriguing is that the application is entirely free of cost. You can download MovieBox for Android through the .apk file that is provided on the Internet. Though, Kodi has ability to provide vast opportunities for movies freaks because hundred of best movies addons for Kodi is already available for free of cost.

But the only thing to keep in mind is that, on your Android device, you will have to tap on the ‘unknown sources’ option, such that downloading the file becomes seamless. Additionally, MovieBox gives all iOS users the allowance to use this app accordingly. It is also available for Windows OS.

 2. ShowBox

One of the most popular online streaming and downloading applications, ShowBox is on heals with MovieBox. If you are an ardent ShowBox user, then you must be aware of its advantages.

To shed lights on the most important benefits, it comes absolutely free of cost; meaning it won’t cost you any buck to get the world-class entertainment. You will also love the UI which is simple and straight.

In addition to the simplest UI, ShowBox also gives allowance to its users to stream video contents that come in multiple formats starting from mp4, MOV, so on and so forth. It is the best application that also enables those dedicated TV series lovers to check out what’s coming new.

So whether you want to enjoy the previous episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ or you want to sit back and enjoy the episodes of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ShowBox happens to be the ultimate streaming option. One may also note that ShowBox also enables users with a couple of sub-categories by which streaming becomes easier.


Another highly-designed application, PlayBox, is the best streaming tool for all dedicated serial lovers. Often, due to the daily drudges of life, it becomes challenging to get the best of what you prefer while watching a TV series.

After all, TV serials are the ones which need high commitments from its users. And if the climax is going to happen on a particular episode when you are at the meeting, then what will you do? Hence enter the one effortless motion in the name of PlayBox.

The application has been designed by the team who has developed another app named as CinemaBox. While both of them are almost similar, PlayBox seems to win the race due to the benefits that users get out of watching through this tool.

It sports a simple UI and contains several sub-categories, much like the prior mentioned app, ShowBox. The application is available for all Android users as well as Windows users (but Windows OS needs an Android emulator for it to get installed).


Mobdro Apk happens to be a streaming application which delivers fast streaming services. If your Kodi app is buffering quite a lot of times due to the technical problems that often come, then you must choose Mobdro Apk.

It is designed by a group who has implemented a simple UI and delivered some great advantages. For example, you can even set a timer and then go off to sleep after you have watched the episode or movie. But Mobdro Apk is usually for streaming online.

But people think that the application doesn’t run on the Android device. If you are one of them, then you must know that Mobdro for Android is absolutely available. You just have to get in touch with a couple of tricks. You will have to tap on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option and enable it such that downloading Mobdro Apk doesn’t meet any problem.

5.Terrarium TV

The last in this particular list happens to be Terrarium TV. It is absolutely available for all Android devices like smartphone, tablet, or phablet. You will have to use the .apk version of the application from the Internet and download it accordingly.

Don’t forget to enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option. The application has a wide range of videos of movies and TV series. You can also tune into your favorite songs from the application.

The Final Words

Thus, this compiles the guide to best Kodi alternatives for Android. In the end, hopefully, you won’t face any problem while streaming videos or watching your favorite TV series’ episodes. Did you find this guide useful? Share your valuable feedback right below in the comments bar. For more guides on streaming applications, you can keep watching this space.

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