5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency


An online presence has become a pressing need for most companies to attract more audiences, boost sales and keep engaging loyal clients. But working with the wrong digital marketing agency can not only disrupt your company’s growth curve – but can further exacerbate your digital footprint – that would need more funding to be fixed by a better agency. No wonder most entrepreneurs are reluctant about working with a digital market agency.

Hiring a good digital marketing agency can be a boon or bane for your company – unless you are more mindful about avoiding the following common mistakes.

Hiring Amateurs to Save Money

One may think that the impact of a digital marketing agency on your business is limited – especially when it is compared with more important areas like product development and managing employees. Hence, small businesses tend to hire amateurs to fit their budget. But this practice only turns the tables against them; for most novel agencies do not have the skills or the experience to establish a business in a small amount of time. Instead, switching to a better, professional agency that charges reasonably well may be daunting at first – but it reaps faster results and promises steadier growth. 

Furthermore, working with a cheap digital marketing agency with questionable skills will adversely impact your brand perception. People on the internet are fickle and opinionated – they shall instantly decide whether they can or cannot relate to your brand – thus impacting future posts’ engagement. Working with an agency providing low-quality performance will directly impact your brand’s image – and it will be very challenging to bounce back from that, even with a news agency. Thus, making the right decision is a grave matter, for both big and small businesses. 

Lack of Transparency

If the representative of your prospective digital marketing agency is not transparent about the long-term budget or the yearly plan that they have specifically designed for your company – then you must not consider them any further. Moreover, presenting packages that only include fancy deals and false promises without an explicit action plan is also a red flag. These agencies are mostly interested in scamming companies and making a profit out through minimal inputs. The right agency will never shy away from discussing the loopholes in your marketing strategies. Moreover, it will offer fool-proof and ingenious solutions to tackle each problem. Sincerity and transparency are crucial for every business partnership to thrive.

One of the tactics that shady digital agencies tend to use is that they use never disclose their methods of approach. Instead, they use terms as “secret sauce” “specialized tools” or the likes. This concealed exaggeration can at best give a slight boost to your company’s digital footprint and at worst get your site blacklisted by Google. That is why being assertive and demanding crystal clear answers from you’re the agency you have shortlisted can save you from bearing heavy losses later. 

Overlooking the Agency’s Reviews and References

A few gullible entrepreneurs may tend to overlook a potential agency’s reviews before hiring them. This can be a perilous blunder; for marketing agency are experts at selling their products. And quite often they have the convincing gift of the gab that might compel one to spontaneously hire them. Especially if you are desperate to grow your common and have already failed at hiring the right digital agencies multiple times. That is why it is of the utmost importance that you scrutinize the reviews and recommendations available to you about your next digital marketing agency. It is better to make a more informed decision than an emotional one. 

One may think that hiring a new agency may be beneficial since they will be willing to work at a lower rate. But opting for a firm without any prior experience will only make your company is a guinea pig for their future endeavors. Refrain from working with a digital marketing agency, without any reviews – for they shall only use trial and error methods to overcome your problems. This could make or break your company; hence, it is a gamble that you should steer clear from.   

Lack of Unique Solutions to Each Company’s Needs

Every business has unique needs and problems – that need to be met with innovative solutions. The general lack of devotion of an agency towards your company will hamper them from coming up with customized solutions for your business. Growth will also be slow for a lazy agency will only incorporate the same old, overused methods to attract more audience. This will not help your business stand out from the others as well.

Moreover, one must be enthusiastic about their company and its needs. That way you will not end up being fooled by digital marketing agencies into buying additional packages that are not of significant help to your company. 

Dismissing a Goal-Oriented Approach to Digital Marketing

From budget plans, timely publishing of content to generate tangible results and organic traffic – everything needs proper planning. Hiring an agency that does not have clear-cut definitions about how and when they are going to reach their goals can not only slow your progress but will also be damaging to your company in the long-run. That is why working on a trial period with an agency will help you access them better. Thus avoid being compelled into signing up long-term contracts, under pressure. Define your goals and consistently tracking the agency’s performance helps build integrity. 

If your agency is not meeting your monthly goals – whether it is due to lack of technical knowledge, or devotion towards your company, you should instantly dismiss them. Goals are often unmet when agencies use black hat techniques, monotonous content and stuffy keyword optimization. 

Bottom Line

Hiring a digital marketing agency can be a time consuming and tricky process. Especially since new agencies are popping up every other month – trying to bag as many clients as possible. Having a little know-how of the common mistakes made by others will help you from repeating them in your businesses as well.


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