5 Critical Factors to Consider While Choosing an IT Outsourcing Service Provider


Today, all commercial and non-commercial organizations run on a solid IT infrastructure that enables them to drive smooth operations, manage people and finances, boost efficiency, and secure vital information.

To maintain the complex IT structure, they need the services of a dedicated expert team that is expensive to maintain in-house and hence most organizations prefer an IT outsourcing services provider.

But before any business decides on the outsourcing firm, the following considerations would help them achieve the desired results.

The Capacity of the Off-Shore Partner

Trusting any other firm with the IT management of the business is a critical move and hence a worthy partner should be chosen for the job. The client should assess where their prospect partner stands in the market and the reputation it carries. It should be capable of understanding the business objectives of the client and have a fair idea and experience of handling such projects in the past. The vendor should empower the onshore team to achieve its business objectives and not be a liability. The client should carry out thorough research to find a trustworthy and reliable IT vendor.

Operational Control

Before the commencement of the engagement, the client has to decide whether it wants to hand over full control of the IT management to the vendor or only partial control. On occasions, the client may prefer to retain full control of the business functions depending on the circumstances and policies. Whatever it may be, both the client and the IT outsourcing services provider have to mutually agree on the operational control and governance terms. This would help in strengthening business relationships and a better understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and expectations from each side.

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Effective Collaboration

Inefficient communication between the vendor and the client, particularly when they are working from different locations with different time zones can be catastrophic to the project. It’s of paramount importance for the client to be aware of the communication hurdles such as language barrier, differences in cultural background, and time difference that may arise during the engagement. Both the sides should come up with an amicable solution to this and plan moves like periodic seminars and refresher courses to bridge the linguistic and cultural gaps between them. To avoid future troubles, all agreements should be documented by putting everything in writing.

Trustworthy Partner

Being capable and being reliable are two different qualities and the ideal IT outsourcing vendor should possess both. The support partner should be reliable enough to be trusted with confidential business information of the client. The client can decide on the extent to which the vendor can access the vital information and should be aware of the security measures of the vendor to safeguard critical data.

Decide on the Engagement Model

For IT support, depending on the work scope and budget, the client should decide between the break-fix model and the managed services model. If the client needs support on an as-needed basis, they should go for the break-fix model. If the demand is for 24/7 access to IT support, the managed services model is better. The break-fix model may be more expensive since the vendor charges on a per-hour basis. On the other hand, in the managed service model, the client is billed monthly.

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If supported by the right vendor that assumes full responsibility for the work, the partnership can be of tremendous benefit for both sides. If the client follows the points listed here, finding the right IT outsourcing service provider shouldn’t be a difficult task.

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