5 Effective Applications of HRIS In 2020


Every business needs a group of people who keeps the company on its legs. And we know those people as employees of the company. We know that every year around the world, there are millions of startups and companies that start their dream of being a successful company. But everyone doesn’t get to taste that sweetness of success. Those are some bunch of people who manage their company as well as the resources of the company.

The human resource department is the backbone of any company. Because they are the one who manages the key aspect of any company i.e. employee. Human resource management covers a wide range of functions, from hiring, orientation, evaluation, employee management, performance review to the payroll of the employees. Previously, they used to manage all of these activities manually.

But these days all of these can be done with one click of a mouse with an HR management software. Even if you have a small business, such software can help you manage your employees well, and not only will it improve the productivity of the company, but you will be able to evaluate and compensate your employees on time.


You can define the human resource information system(HRIS) as an online platform or too where you can track and manage all human resources of an organization. So in plain words, you can say that you can manage all employee-related affairs on HRIS software. Let’s look at the 5 effective applications of HRIS in 2020.

5 Effective Applications of HRIS in 2020

  1. WebHR– It is an online-based HR software that was founded in 2011, and the company is based in CA, USA. It is called all in one HR solution. Because here, you can solve and manage all HR related problems. From hiring to payroll, all sorts of HR can be performed here. It also integrates with most famous apps like Gsuite, Microsoft, Dropbox, Slack, and so on. It is proved to be available in 30 languages, and this is the first Hr software that introduced artificial intelligence in an HR system. It is free for 5 people with limited access. If you want more access to more people, then the price starts from as low as $2 per month per employee.
  2. Nortek – It is a cloud-based Hr software, Which is affordable for even small businesses. The good thing about this software is that you can customize this according to your preference. So like other software, you will not have to keep all the modules in your data entry. You can only keep those which you want to use at the moment. You can access your information from anywhere, so it is easy for you to even work from home or out of the office. The price starts from $2.20 per month for every employee. All the plans here are available for yearly billing.
  3. HR Cloud – it is an online HR management software. It can be used for the business of all sizes. It also deals with the key features of HR management. It can also be customized according to your needs. It is also a cloud-based system so you can perform onboarding, company culture as well as employee management and performance reviews. You can also access it from anywhere, in or out of your workspace.
  4. Bitrix24 – This software also works for businesses of all sizes. Here you can add up to 12 people for free. You can perform the key elements of HR management, as well as CRM(customer relation management) features, which are also available. For pricing and plans, you can visit the website and get the latest offers.
  5. Zoho People – It is also based on HR management solution software. It is good for all sorts of businesses. You can add up to 5 people on its free version. The key features offered by Zoho people are self-service features, data management, onboarding, leave management, and so on. Its paid feature starts from $1 per employee per month.

Free HR software

There are many HR management software which is available for free. Such software is a big help for small organizations. Here is some Free HR Software.

OrangeHRM- It is available in two versions- cloud-based as well as open-source. The open-source version is completely free. You can visit its website for more information.

Some of the above-mentioned software is also free for some definite number of people. So you can choose one of the software based on the budget and size of your organization.

So if you are looking for HR management software to run your company smoothly, then you can look into the above-mentioned apps. These are the most effective HRIS software in 2020. So you can choose one based on your preference, and I believe it will serve your purpose positively.

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