5 Hacks for Students on Improving their Online Research Skills


Research is a focal part of every student’s life. You would think college is all about having fun and parties every weekend, but you couldn’t be any more wrong. There always seems to be assignments being handed over the next day or a task that demands your immediate attention.

Your chances of passing your classes are all dependent on how well you conduct your research. Think of it as the foundation for your grades. How do you ensure that you successfully research your essays online? Here are five useful hacks!

Verify All Information!

The internet is full of all kinds of information, some of which are unverifiable. Don’t take everything you find to be the gospel truth; otherwise, you will end up flunking in all your essays. Few websites take the time to factually verify their information and some will even post incorrect information for clout.

You need to be very deliberate about the information you engage with to determine which is worth using and which one you should discard. Never base your research papers off one web page. Combine information from primary and secondary sources to come up with a well-researched paper that has been backed up with facts.

Use Quality Sources

Quality content will always supersede quantity. You could write a 50 pages essay, but if it is full of watered-down information and unverified facts, you will get low grades. The internet is a hub of information, but the main question is, ‘how accurate is that information?’

To make sure that your research papers are well-written make use of quality sources. Don’t spend all your time on the World Wide Web and blogs but instead go for official databases. For instance, if your research is about the history of a particular state, go to the official website of the said state. Most schools often have online academic databases, so you should probably start there. You are paying for it, after all.

Start Researching on A Wider Scope and Then Narrow It Down

Think of your research project as a funnel; the top part is broad, but it gets narrow as you go down. You should implement this strategy when conducting online research. What topic are you researching? Start off by getting general information on the topic. This will also give you an overview of what you’re expected to write.

The truth is that writing essays can be overwhelming, and a basic internet search is a pretty great starting point. Use general research to organize your thoughts and to come up with an outline. You can then use the outline to dive into the deeper details.

Be Ready for Unexpected Results

Conduct your online research without bias and without expectations because there’s a high chance you won’t get what you think you will. Exceptional research revolves around seeking answers to your questions, rather than confirming what you know.

Get into the research with an open mind and be ready for surprising results. Why? Because there’s a thrill that comes with discovering new things! Most importantly, if you get into the research with expectations, you will be limiting your findings.

You will subconsciously be choosing what information you think is relevant and ignoring the rest. When researching for an academic essay, always assume you don’t know anything and start by giving yourself a general understanding of the topic.

Consult Experts

Online research is not a walk in the park. In fact, it is almost equivalent to walking in a land mine; you will be anxious but have to tread with caution. It is even more challenging when you have multiple assignments to hand in, a part-time job, and a social life to sustain.

Sometimes it can get so overwhelming that you find yourself wondering ‘when will I ever write my essay?’ Take a breath and just relax! Let the experts handle it for you. There is no harm in getting someone with better online research skills to help you with your work. This will create more time for you to compete with your other tasks.

Make the Most of Online Resources

Online research may be a bit involving, but you have to admit, it is better than having to go to a physical library and peruse through multiple books to get your essay done. To make it even easier, ensure you organize your webpages and bookmarks.

Put all related bookmarks in one folder and organize your findings. Refine your internet search by using relevant keywords so that you can eliminate all irrelevant results. There is more to essay writing than conducting online research, but these tips are a great place to start.

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