5 Interesting Cross-Platform App Development Trends in 2020   


The year 2020 should be a rewarding one for the mobile phone app industry with several exciting trends and forecasts suggesting a sharp rise in revenues and popularity. For app developers and businesses focusing on cross-platform app development, the opportunities are even brighter with several organizations giving the green signal to this approach of app development.

Here are the top 5 Cross-Platform App Development Trends in 2020   

The surging popularity of cross-platform apps: As the competition gets stiffer, businesses are looking to save time and money while leveraging the best channel to reach out to their target customers. Since these are the attributes of cross-platform development, an unprecedented number of businesses across industries and sizes would embrace cross-platform mobile apps with open arms.

  • A quick and simple process of creating apps, saving precious resources for businesses.
  • Low maintenance costs save substantially in the long run.

Cross-platform apps powered by 5G: With the launch of 5G connectivity, businesses and app developers have started harnessing its full capabilities to create cross-platform apps delivering unmatched performance. The high network speed and reliability of 5G would be a tremendous boost to the futuristic mobile apps of 2020.

  • Cross-platform gaming apps would have amazing speed and user interfaces.
  • Cross-platforms apps can integrate flawlessly with technologies such as ML, IoT, AI, and others.

Mobile commerce: The rising popularity of e-commerce apps will get a big boost in 2020 with all kinds of businesses and individuals looking to sell their products and services through mobile phone apps. And because cross-platform app development is used to build apps for all mobile platforms, they are being preferred by businesses to drive their sales and marketing efforts.

  • Cross-platform e-commerce apps integrated with chatbots would deliver better service to customers.
  • Such apps would be designed with the latest analytics capabilities for better understanding customer sentiment and purchase behavior.

Cross-platform mobile wallet apps: Digital wallet apps would continue their dominance in 2020 with a strikingly high number of apps created with virtual wallet integration as a standard feature. As app monetization is one of the primary commercial goals of all businesses, they would prefer cross-platform development for quicker development, easier implementation, and better cost controls.

  • Digital wallet apps using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will see tremendous growth in the coming days.
  • Cross-platform apps would integrate smart speakers and voice assistants to facilitate easier payments for users.

The proliferation of cloud-driven apps: Cross-platform development would be increasingly used to create apps that store their data in the cloud, eliminating the limitations of the device storage. Cloud-based apps would enhance the experience of mobile gaming and on-demand app users. Developers would make the best use of the fact that when an app is being created using cloud technology, they don’t have to write codes to integrate the databases.

  • Cloud-based cross-platform mobile apps are future-ready and offer high reliability and scalability.
  • Cloud-collaboration implies higher productivity for enterprise apps and unparalleled user experience for gaming and other entertainment apps.

Cross-platform development is the way to the rapid development of reliable native-like mobile apps with significantly reduced costs. Since the codes can be reused for all platforms, cross-platform app development is on the rise and would continue to grow swiftly in the coming years.

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