5 Steps On How To Start Your Blog


A blog is popular for many people today. Many individuals are making a blog for earnings or hobbies. With the help of website builders, people can make their blogs without hard coding. Unlike a decade ago, creating a website is hard as you need to code every single detail to build a website.

What is a blog?

A blog is an informational website that continues to update for the content information of a particular site. It can be run and by a certain individual or a group. By getting information for the creator of the website, it will continue to update as long as there is new information gathered that is relevant to a specific topic of a website.

If you want to start a blog, here are the guidelines on how to make and start your blog:

What Is Your Purpose For Creating A Blog?

First and foremost, you need to think about why are you creating a blog? What would be your purpose? Who is your target audience? Is it for personal use? Or for business? To start your blog, you must answer all this question. Creating a blog is simple, but the content of your blog must be informational to deliver it well to your target audience.

The purpose of your blog is an important key to proceed with your next step. You can plan things well and relay better information to the audience. If you have a firm foundation for your website, you will be successful in the future. Don’t think yet about a word counter that you need for your site. Information and plan is your first priority.

Think of A Name For Your Blog

Since you already plan on what kind of blog you are making, you should connect your blog name to your chosen topic. You should pick a name that is descriptive so that the readers may have a rough idea of what kind or type of blog you have by looking at your blog’s name.

You need to consider the domain when you’re creating a website. After your blog name, there is always an extension of .com .net or .org. The domain doesn’t accept spacing on the domain name. If you’re planning to have three to four words for naming your blog, considering the extension and no spacing may help you to choose the right name for your blog.

Get Your Blog Online

Now that you have a name for your blog, it’s time to make your blog online. Choose a good web hosting for your website. A web hosting does not only make your blog online, but it has security to protect your website from hackers or any virus or malware. Cybersecurity is a valuable tool to protect your website from any harm.

You can search online for web hosting services and choose what is best for you. Spending a bit of your money for your web hosting is a good move. Free web hosting has a limit for data security, while paid web hosting can offer you an extra layer of protection for your blog.

Design Your Blog

There are many website builders like WordPress that can help you design your website. A website builder can assist you in creating and designing your blog without hard coding. You need to choose the right template for your blog. The template is available on any website builder that you choose.

Write and Promote Your Blog

After all the planning and designing, you can now write your first blog. Since you already plan everything, writing your first blog would be easy. You can now write everything that you wanted for your blog and relay it to your audience. 

You can promote your blog by posting it to your social media and ask your family and friends for support. If your audience likes your blog, they will share it and recommend it to their friends, having a domino effect.


Every person can create their blog either for personal or business blogs. Many people create a blog to earn money as people spend their time on social media. Some people create a blog for popularity.

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