5 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time for Onsite Computer Repair

computer repair

While some common computer problems are easy to spot—a broken screen or missing files—many dangers aren’t always so clear. Is your computer acting up, but you’re not sure why or what to do about it?

Well, there many tell-tale signs to look for that indicate it’s time for your device to see a doctor.

#1 Your Computer Is Slowing Down

In-home computer repair is necessary when your computer starts to slow down. Although frustrating, a slow computer is easy to ignore. This is because computers slow the older the device is, so many will resort to this as the cause. However, age is not always the issue at hand. A slow device is especially concerning if it is fairly new.

#2 Your Computer Is Overheating

If your computer is overheating, you need to contact a repair technician as soon as possible. The repair technician can inspect your computer, run some diagnostics, and explain what the problem is.

Most likely, you will need to have the fan repaired, but you might also need to update some software or replace the internal battery. If you let your computer continue to overheat, it can eventually become completely disabled. An in-home visit will help extend the life of the machine, and you can avoid a complete shutdown of your company during repairs.

#3 Your Computer Is Making Off Noises

You should contact a repairman when your computer is making strange noises. Most computers have a fan that runs to keep the internal systems cool, which makes a soft hum. If the hum gets louder, that might be cause for concern. A laptop should not make loud noises or odd noises, like a pop or crack, that you do not recognize.

The issue at hand could be a damaged or loose fan, a dirty internal hardware, or a broken speaker.

You should not allow the computer to keep making these noises because you feel you do not have time to deal with the problem. It makes much more sense to address these issues as soon as you can.

#4 Your Computer Has Random Pop-Ups Or Suspected Viruses

When your computer has pop-up ads that you did not ask for, you may have a virus. You may open webpages that tell you that you need to pay to unlock your computer. You may have some issues with computer speed, or you might have corrupted files on the computer that you cannot access. Contact a repair technician who can quarantine these viruses, remove them from the computer, and protect your saved information.

If you have concerns about a quarantine will do to your machine, you can ask your technician to save all the information on the computer to a backup drive. The technician can repopulate the machine with your info after the device has been repaired. Plus, you do not need to worry about restarting or resetting the computer during repairs.

#5 You Cannot Connect To The Internet

When your machine does not connect to your wireless signal, you may have problems with the hardware inside the device. You may need to reset settings on the computer that allow you to connect, or you may need to replace equipment that is broken. Call the in-home computer repair technician to get your laptop online as soon as possible. You can work on your phone or use another machine while these repairs are done.

You should explain the problems that you are having when talking to the technician. The technician can bring basic parts to your appointment, and you might get your repair done the same day. If the technician needs to order more parts, they can have them sent to your home or office. Plus, you can schedule a follow-up appointment for the repair.

How to Get Help

If you are having issues with your computers in the office or at home, you likely need some help diagnosing and correcting the problem. You might think that you are having a bad day, or you might think you do not have time to get the computer fixed. However, bringing a technician to the house will help you get the computer serviced while you complete other tasks. You can chat with the technician, learn what is wrong with the machine, and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

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