5 tips for choosing the best gaming headset


Sound has an important role when it comes to the gaming experience, equal to the role of gameplay or graphics. A high-quality is essential in order to have a realistic experience. A gaming headset can help you to make your gaming hours full of fun and can also add a sense of practicality. It can also enable you to perform better with access to all sounds around you, which may be missed without a headset.

However, there are certain things that you need to consider before selecting a gaming headset. So here we have outlined major five things to consider when choosing a gaming headset.

Determine your platform

The first major thing you have to evaluate when purchasing a headset is to determine on which platform you’ll play. The headsets with a connection of 3.5mm are best suited to almost every console and your PC. However, when the thing you have to keep in mind is that consoles not always support all functions as this software is dependent. Virtual surround sound is a popular example of this. With this many options, you need to assure you are picking the audio gear that is right for you. Visit Bring In The Noise for your latest gear reviews.

Check for Compatibility

System compatibility plays a vital role when it comes to buying a gaming headset. It is very obvious that you should double-check whether the headset you are opting for is compatible with the type of platform you’ve selected.

There are specific gaming headsets that only work on certain forms of the platform, for example, PC, Xbox, or Play station.

Choose Either Wired or Wireless

Deciding whether to opt for a wireless or wired headset is significantly the main thing to consider prior to purchasing a gaming headset. Wired headset options are best for PCs. With the help of the regular 3.5 mm jack or USB, you can enjoy an amazing sound.

Choosing a wireless headset isn’t generally recommended until or unless you really wish to have one or you are gaming on a console. This is because wireless headsets often need frequent charging, which is burdensome when you plan to game for a long duration.

Consider the Cost

Price is an essential part of this headset equation. The price factor helps you to evaluate the headset decision properly. The best part is that you can have access to a good quality headset at a reasonable price.

If you are following a budget, then wireless headsets should be avoided, as they are really expensive and require additional equipment to function correctly.

With or Without a Microphone

A microphone is important in communication with other players, when it comes to multiplayer and co-op games. Here you are required to coordinate your actions with other players. Today, most of the gaming headsets have built-in microphones, and they are definitely worth the price.

A microphone should have a good noise isolation for clarity. While gaming, you should opt for a unidirectional mic, or else the external sound is likely to cause disruptions in your performance in the battlefield.

Only surround sound is crucial for FPS games as it allows you to be aware of your enemy’s position. A popular example is of Logitech G930 gaming headsets that have lag-free wireless connection and surround sound of 7.1mm, which plays for around 10 hours.


Hence the above details are designed to help you to identify the main things you should consider when choosing a headset. By following these guidelines, you can not only money but also enjoy the games to the fullest. Because in the end, the sound plays a crucial role in generating a positive experience.

Therefore, you must avoid cumbersome headsets, to save yourself from discomfort and go for the models made of lighter material.

Zubair Hussain Khan is a tech geek who loves technology and writing about it. He also loves to travel and spread knowledge about online security.