5 Tips to Help You Take Care of Your Power Bank


When your phone’s battery drops down and you can’t get access to a socket to charge it, the power bank saves the day.

But, have you ever thought if the power bank needs some care? Though all power banks are efficient, you can make yours last longer by following these 5 tips.

1. Charging Rules

For your power bank to save you in emergencies, you gotta charge it in the first place. You must try to charge your power bank fully. Yep, you can charge it up to 50 percent and proceed to carry it along.

It does work in charging your devices but the overall life of the power bank will get halved. Charge your power bank completely.

Though the charging port of the power bank can be compatible with any charger that fits it, it is ideal to use the original charger that has come in the power bank’s package. Stick to the manufacturer’s choice. Your phone’s charger seems to be going fine with your power bank? Huh, no thanks.

Do not recharge your power bank when it is half-empty. Charging your power bank too many times will bring down its battery life.

Know that your power bank is quickly charged through the wall socket rather than another device (laptop/TV).

2. Water, Heat, and Humidity

Water is the foe of almost all gadgets, without leaving power banks as an exception. It damages the interiors, and thereby the functionality of the power bank. Humidity does exactly the same but slowly.

Avoid packing your power bank in the same compartment with liquids. Put your power bank at a place without liquids close to it. Another option is to purchase a waterproof power bank (which is costlier) but why spend money when you can be a little careful and solve the catch? If you are apprehensive, you can get a simple case to avoid direct contact between your gadget and water.

Avoid direct sunlight (and other similar forms of heat) from reaching your power bank. To avoid all of this, you can use a silicone protective case that is available to almost every high-end power bank.

3. Usage

You should buy a power bank that is compatible with your device. Devices like tablets need power banks with an output of 2.1 Amperes. If you force charge such heavy devices with regular power banks with 1 Ampere output, it takes a lot of time to charge and damages both the tablet and the power bank.

Do not charge your phone through the power bank while it (power bank) is being charged. This will double the heat inside the power bank. Stick to the wall socket to charge your phone, in such cases.

It is a misconception that using your power bank less will enhance its lifespan. Buy a power bank only if you are going to use it regularly. Regular usage acts as a workout to your power bank and multiplies its efficiency. Do not leave your power bank without usage for more than a fortnight.

#4 No Metal Contact

A short circuit is the worst thing that can happen to your power bank. Though power banks hardly get damaged, short circuits can burn (literally burn) them.

As it is a reservoir of power, you should be vigilant about what is proximal to it. Metal better be at a safe distance from the power bank.

Avoid putting it in your pocket as that’s where you usually drop your keys. Do not insert metal pins into the power bank’s ports. Though that sounds funny, there are chances for you to do it absent-mindedly while trying to fix issues.

#5 Handle With Care

This rule is simple. Don’t drop your power bank. Dropping once or twice by mistake is okay but rough handling is not. If you are clumsy, wrap your power bank in a protective case. Repetitive dropping will spoil your power bank and you’ll have to buy a new one.

Despite the power bank looking sturdy, it does need this fair share of care. Follow these tips and see your power bank’s life extended. Thank us later.

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