5 Types of Cybercrime and How to Avoid Falling Victim


Technology has certainly advanced throughout the years and is used for almost everything. From transactions and sales to streaming and storing data, the options are endless. However, with all this convenience, criminal activity has also started to grow. Hackers and scammers are continuing to find ways to steal information, which makes surfing the web very dangerous.

Below, we are going to take a look at five types of cybercrime and how you can avoid falling victim.

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#1 Phishing

Cybercriminals use phishing as a way to obtain personal information through deceptive emails, websites, and links. They usually disguise themselves as a reputable company and may prompt you to “update your payment details” or “confirm your information.”

To avoid falling victim to a phishing attack, you want to learn the different signs. Things like spelling mistakes and generic greetings are both aspects to watch for. Check out these example scam emails for more information.

#2 Hacking

One of the main reasons why computer security is so important is to prevent hacking. This refers to an intruder accessing your devices without your permission. They can have several motives: such as stealing information, destroying data, or even modifying software to perform specific tasks.

The best way to protect yourself from these attacks is to install reputable security software on your devices. This way, your information is harder to obtain, and you can be notified of anything suspicious. Two-factor authentication is also a great thing to consider.

#3 Identity Theft

When someone steals another’s identity with the purpose of pretending to be them, it is known as identity theft. This is usually done to gain access to financial assets, but sometimes they may even create fake accounts and interact with friends and family members.


To prevent yourself from becoming the victim of identity theft, it’s important to avoid sharing personal information. It’s also best to have a wide range of passwords for all of your accounts; this way, they cannot access everything.

#4 Prohibited Content

Online, there is a variety of content that is illegal to share and view. This can include specific videos, photographs, and other material that can be used for exploitation. The dark web is an anonymous network where most of this can be accessed, making it difficult for authorities to trace where this content is being shared or downloaded.

In some cases, personal photographs may even be stolen and shared on these websites, which is why it’s crucial never to send pictures of yourself that you wouldn’t want to be seen by others.

#5 Cyberstalking

Cyberstalking is a term used to describe any type of online harassment. Similar to what some people experience in person, individuals use social media platforms, chat websites, and search engines to intimidate and scare others. In most cases, cyberstalking occurs between two people that somehow know each other.

To avoid this, it’s best only to accept individuals you know and trust on your accounts. If you suspect that someone is harassing you, block them immediately and report to the appropriate authorities.

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