5 Video Marketing Platforms to Grow your Business

5 Video Marketing Platforms to Grow your Business

To grow any business online is a difficult task. Marketing of any business is important because it helps you sell your products and grow your business.  “It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it”, Brian Halligan. There are different marketing techniques for a business to increase its reach and attract more customers.

We are living in a world with the internet. Now everybody has access to the internet. The most important marketing technique for business is its web presence. Either it is Facebook or Instagram your business must have a page on these so more people will reach your brand. Without marketing your business will not exist in the world because nobody knows about your business.

There are many types of marketing used to grow businesses around the world. Like traditional marketing, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, digital marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing, etc. Now social media and video marketing are quite popular and used by brands and companies to promote their businesses.

Video marketing is now quite a popular marketing technique for your business. It’s a smart way to engage more customers towards your brand. You can create an informative video of your products and then engage the audience. People often find it time-consuming to read a blog or read reviews. In 2-3 min video, you can easily explain your business by producing high quality and engaging videos of your brand. People share videos more often than text or images. Video also gives a more professional look to your business. There are many video marketing tools and websites that will help you create a professional video. Besides creating videos for your own business, you can start freelancing by making videos for other brands also. Today many people are earning thousands of dollars by starting their freelancing careers in this field. You can then sell your services on different freelancing platforms.

Here is the list of 5 video marketing platforms to grow your business:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Tumblr and Twitter
  • Reddit and Yelp
  • Vimeo
  1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular and easy platforms to market your videos. YouTube has countless marketing opportunities. You can easily use this for marketing your business video.

First of all, you have to create a YouTube channel for your business. Target the specific audience and research your competition. Learn marketing techniques for YouTube. Now use the specific keywords and rank your video on that keywords to get more views. Write a strong title and make an attractive thumbnail. Write a keyword-rich description for your video.

YouTube is a most simple platform and by following the above 5-6 steps you can easily use YouTube for marketing to grow your business. Add the link to your website and all other social media channels. You can also make videos on different products of your brand. YouTube ranks in the most widely used platform in the world.

  1. Facebook and Instagram

If you have a business, then you surely have a page on Facebook and Instagram. Social media marketing is the best way to grow your business. Many businesses start from social media and now they have become famous brands.

You can make a small video and use these two platforms to engage customers. All you have to do is to know about the basic marketing techniques of these social media platforms. If you have a page you can add as many videos as you want of your business. Keep updating your customers about the trend and changes happening in your business. When you launched new products make a short clip and post it on your social media accounts. Limit your videos between 1-2 min so that audience doesn’t get bored. To engage more people towards your business you have to make creative and informative videos.

  1. Tumblr and Twitter

Tumblr and twitter both are very popular social media platforms. They both are popular for attracting new visitors and audiences. You can create a short video for your business and post it on these platforms.

Twitter is a professional platform used by politicians, celebrities, and businesses. Make a professional account of your business. Then tweet regularly and connect with the business community. Increase your reach and for that purpose use video to grow your business.

Make sure to use proper tags to promote your videos. From these platforms, you can engage new customers for your business. You just have to learn their marketing strategies and then post your video.

  1. Yelp and Reddit

Yelp and Reddit both have millions of users across the world. Companies and organizations use these to promote their business. You can also use them to gain more customers for your business.

Yelp helps you to promote your business and attract more people towards your brand. You have to produce professional videos on this platform.  Yelp lets people post reviews and rate business. You can use this to promote your brand. Some positive reviews will increase the sale of your products.

Reddit is an incredible source of information on every field of life.  Submit your video and engage with people from the same community. Make sure to engage on regular basis and contribute so that your business gets popular and trustful in that community. Once it gets famous it will surely increase the sale and promote your business.

  1. Vimeo

Vimeo is the most popular video hosting platform on the internet. This platform is quite different from the above ones. But you can use it to grow your business. Its interface is user friendly.

You will have to post a professional video to engage with the Vimeo community. Many businesses are already present on this platform. You can join the community and promote your business. Make sure to give your video a creative and engaging look.

Other than these platforms there are many other platforms on which you not only customize your videos but also post them for marketing.

Tips for Successful Video Marketing

To grow your business, you have to create a video that will look creative and professional. Here are a few tips to give professional look to your marketing video.

  • Your video should be centred around a story
  • Use high-quality images in your video
  • Add some humour and creativity in your video
  • Optimize your video for SEO before posting it on any platform
  • Educate your customers about your brand in the video
  • Shoot from a variety of angles
  • Audio should be clear

If you have a business, then you have heard of the word marketing. Marketing is a technique in which you promote your business to increase the sale of your business. Due to the availability of the internet everywhere the web presence of any business is important. Social media plays an important role in the marketing world. Most of the brands are now on social media for their promotion.

Video marketing is the best way to promote your business. You can use many different video marketing platforms. YouTube is one of that platforms on which you can make a channel about your business and post videos to gain more customers. Facebook and Instagram also help you to grow your business. Tumblr, Twitter, Yelp, and Reddit all are very useful in promoting your brand. Vimeo gives you the option to engage with the business community and make a progress in the business. Other than these there are several platforms for video marketing of your business. Make a professional video and start marketing to grow your business.

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