5 Ways Businesses Can Improve Employee Wellbeing

5 Ways Businesses Can Improve Employee Wellbeing

Business has changed and gone are the days of being able to treat staff with a stick and carrot approach! There is a new generation of workers who value different things to how they used to be, and that’s not a bad thing.

However, businesses need to adapt to these changes and the important word that HR departments and business leaders have become accustomed to is, wellbeing.

5 Ways Businesses Can Improve Employee Wellbeing

Wellbeing covers the mental and physical benefits to each and every staff member. Happy staff are less likely to get ill, pull sick days, register less absenteeism and show greater loyalty to the business.

So what are the things that can be done to help businesses move forward and create better wellbeing in the workplace? Here are some suggestions.

Improve the workspace

“You are the environment you create” as the often quoted saying goes. When it comes to the workplace, that couldn’t be truer. If your staff are not comfortable they won’t perform well in the duties that they have. Office staff don’t want to fight over the thermostat or look at flaking paint on the walls.

Providing a good environment that doesn’t need to be bean bag cushions and slides is easy enough to do. Talk with your staff about some basic changes can be made to make the workspace work better for them.

Encourage fitness

For many staff, being sat down for a long period of time (see last point) is the norm. But it’s not healthy. Businesses can work with gyms to get corporate discounts, yoga and pilates trainers can be brought in for group lessons, mental wellbeing coaches can be enlisted to help with meditation and mindfulness practice. There are lots of solutions to help staff feel better, businesses need to ensure that health and fitness is seen as part of daily life and not something you do to get holiday ready!

Fruit Bowls & Healthy Snacking

Part of the work in encouraging fitness is about eating well as well. Not all offices have kitchen facilities and actually many HR complaints are about kitchen smells. But you can do the basic things such as bringing in fruit bowls and healthy snacking options rather than sugary processed foods. This will have an overall impact on wellbeing as well helping staff avoid that mid-afternoon slump when blood sugars drop causing drops in concentration and grumpiness!

Work on the move

With more flexible working happening these days, one of the easy things to miss out on is being able to stay connected with the office and the basic requirements of logging time or booking holidays. HR software is designed to stop this from happening and for many businesses it creates a sense of trust and general office wellbeing with staff and management alike.

Get Moving

The average office staff member sits for 8.9 hours a day. This can cause muscle soreness, back pain and increase heart disease issues. So, the simple solution is this, create an environment that makes it easy to get moving! Schedule in through HR software mandated get up and move sessions and have regular catch ups whilst walking to ensure that people are well and looking after their bodies.

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