5 Ways Technology Is Changing The Medical Field

5 Ways Technology Is Changing The Medical Field

Technology is changing the world everywhere we look. The way humans interact, shop and learn is constantly evolving. One of the most clear benefits of technology is the amount of possibilities it’s bringing to the medical field. Here are five ways tech is changing the way the world does medicine.

5 Ways Technology Is Changing The Medical Field

Technology is changing the way knowledge spreads

Technology is allowing doctors and patients around the world to communicate online. People with medical issues can do their own research and find Reddit forums full of other patients with similar issues. This is giving patients the ability to advocate for themselves, as well as research health conditions prior to treatment. The spread of information is making patients and medical professionals more aware of health developments and potential treatments.

Technology is also giving those who are suffering a platform to connect with others with similar health issues, which in the long run, will boost morale and support for those with serious health conditions.

Technology is helping doctors diagnose illnesses quicker and more accurately

 Doctors can give a full body MRI scan for cancer more easily now than ever. The technology is making MRIs more accessible to those with or without cancer concern. With that being said, in the future MRIs could be part of a routine physical. This might allow doctors to detect cancer quicker and ultimately reduce the chances all together.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are shifting how we think about medicine

 Augmented reality and virtual reality are giving the medical field some wild advancements. For example, medical students can use augmented reality to prepare for real-life surgeries. Learning tools like this will increase accuracy in procedures in the future.

When looking at virtual reality, there are already some amazing innovations in place. For example, there is a program that allows students to have the audio and visual effects of aging through a virtual reality. This can create a greater sense of empathy in future physicians. It also can assist humans in preparing for aging, as well as learning how to further understand the process.

Tracking health is becoming more common

 People are able to record their exercise habits, eating habits, sleep schedule and stress. This is something that phones and smart technology are working towards almost automating! It allows humans the accountability of seeing their health choices change their everyday lives.

Once people are more conscious of their habits, they will be more likely to use technology to hold themselves accountable. Technology even lets people share their health data with others, which gives even more reason to run that extra mile and stay on-track. Hopefully technology will make mankind healthier and unnecessary doctor visits less frequent.

Robotics are becoming more common

 Patients in need of robotic limbs are more able to get ahold of them in 2019. The technology surrounding robotics is only improving. Devices are getting smarter at helping paralyzed patients walk again, as well as get the physical support they need. There are exciting things in the future for robotics and assisting disabled patients.

Robots as assistants is yet another form of innovation the health world will see more of. There are robots that can act as sterile surgery assistants. This will eliminate the concern of human error in surgeries that exists still.

There are even robots that can help alleviate mental health symptoms. Robots called Pepper, Jibo and Paro all have technology allowing them to use sensors, cameras and microphones to create a companion for patients.

Medical technology is an exciting marriage of industries that will only continue to improve over the next few years.

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