5 Ways to use customer insights to drive sales


It would be pertinent to mention here that consumer insights would be able to cater to your benefit in the right manner. They would be the base of every digital strategy designed by the retailer. In case, you wonder why, the major reason would be taking the time to understanding your customers along with using those insights for driving different kinds of marketing campaigns.

Find below five important points to leverage customer insights.

  1. Prioritizing your needs

The content and assets you develop should be based on what would be most relevant to the customer. Simply because all have been laying emphasis on Facebook, it does not mean that social media website would be imperative to your audience. Ensure you understand the top destinations for your essential search terms, various websites visited prior and after your website and which landing pages would perform best for you. The data would assist you in understanding the content that has been largely relevant to your audience along with the different stages of the purchase.

  1. Gaining adequate knowledge about your customers

You should look forward to finding out about your customers using different kinds of devices and then customize your advertising messaging along with experience of landing page accordingly. It would be pertinent to mention that such knowledge would assist you in developing experiences based on knowledge of your customers shopping and progressing through buying process.

Most people would be using tablets, as they would be convenient to handle and access for browsing over on weekends and evenings, when at home. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to ensure your messaging targeted for tablet devices should focus on consumers in the middle of purchasing process. Moreover, the landing page experience should provide the requisite analysis and tools that your customers would require for gaining knowledge about your services or products.

  1. Providing leverage to the customers

It would be pertinent to capitalize on all kinds of contents developed by you. Determining the relevancy of content for your customers, you should research where they have been spending their time. You would be required to syndicate your content to those channels. It would be relatively more effective when you try to reach your customers where they would be spending their online time instead of trying and forcing them back to your site.

  1. Applying what you have learned about customers

You should make use of whatever you have learnt about shopping behavior of your customers on your website. It would help you drive your on-site merchandising techniques and strategies along with increasing the relevancy of your digital advertising needs. In event of you having knowledge that specific brands and products have been purchased often from customers who were driven to that specific page, you should start considering that product or brand in the display banners or paid search advertising copy for enhancing the overall rate of people clicking on it. Better learning of customers can also help in sending Triggered Emails for conversion and engagement purposes.

  1. Understanding the behavior of customers

It would be in your best interest to make the most of your understanding the behavior of your customers. You could gather that knowledge by looking at the mode of their searches made. For instance, customers may be performing several similar kinds of searches. It would be indicative of performing comparison shopping. In such a scenario, website or search retargeting strategy having a compelling offer would be a decent strategy as addition to your specific program. You can try using Web Analytics tools for better understanding of how customers behave on a website.

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