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News has a very vital role in today’s time. The media channels are responsible for educating/giving information to the audience for whom it is not possible to extract that information otherwise. People everywhere rely on the news to form an opinion about events, people etc. It is very important to serve timely and accurate content to the readers so they can be best benefitted.

In the money markets especially, the importance of news extends to a much higher level. Based on the latest happenings and updates in the market, the investors take the investing decisions. The news is the fastest and a reliable source for the investors to get informed about the companies in which they have already put their stakes or the one in which they are willing to invest.

Understanding the need and necessity of reliable news portal, 5Paisa has developed an in-app news feature presenting business news from the most reliable sources. The content helps the readers to take the investing decisions like – Buy, Sell or Hold. You can easily stay updated with the latest events in the business world using the feature.

To access the news section, go to the dashboard in the 5Paisa app and Select the Menu and click on “News”. You will see a summarised version of the news containing the content that matters the most. If you are interested in the whole story and want to read more on the subject, click on the “Read full article” at the bottom. You will be directed to the original source of the story and will be able to access the complete material.

5Paisa is a one-stop solution for all your stock trading related activities. It is among the first discount brokers offering Online Mobile Share Market Trading Platform and Robo Advisory Service in a single app, at the lowest cost.

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