6 Advanced Online Rummy Tips to Turn the Odds in Your Favour

Online rummy has emerged as a parallel universe for die hard rummy fans who eat, sleep and dream rummy every other day. The introduction of real money rummy tournaments and cash games in the internet of things has further catalyzed this passion and rummy players are now fully invested in the game because times have changed everything letting you earn real money through your killer rummy skills today.

While free online rummy games have always been a fun choice for most card players, the high jump to online gaming has somewhat transformed the common approach of players towards a more serious take than before. Players are now busy honing their skills in order to earn real money by participating in online rummy tournaments more than ever.

By the same token, we can see an impressive spike in competition in this former traditional game. As such, ordinary tips and tricks in online rummy won’t take you as far as you would wish in an ocean-wide pool of players; you need to come up with new sporadic tactics and quick thinking to finish first in the tournament.

Let’s roll over a set of fresh ideas and advanced online rummy tips so that you too can be the king of real money rummy tournaments.

Advanced Online Rummy Tips

The strategies and online rummy tips that we are about to discuss in here might seem a little out of line at first; so, we suggest you hold your horses before you make judgments already.

  1. How to Take Advantage of a Fish

When you play rummy online, things always work in your favor when you are able to spot your opponents early in the game. That way, you can work your strategy accordingly and stay ahead of them at all times. Discarding high value cards is a common practice among players who play online rummy for fun so as not to score big. However, if your opponent picks up one of your discarded high value cards, you can easily assume that he or she is trying to make sequences with them.

So, we say you don’t discard any high value cards in the first couple of turns and buy yourself some time to plan your moves.

Conversely, you can reverse this strategy and keep these high cards to yourself and pick the connectors from your opponents during their opening moves and form your sequences real quick.

  1. Use Middle Cards for More Options

Using middle cards in online rummy such as 4 and 5 to form sequences is always a great idea to form pure and impure sequences as they come with more options to form sequences such as 1, 2, 3 and 6, 7 and 8.

  1. Let your third eye track do the works

Any wise player will keep an eye out for their opponent’s moves in the game. Doing so will give you sufficient window to predict the exact sequences that your opponents are aiming for. As a result, you can deprive them of their cards and delay their game while you keep building yours.

  1. Dropping is a good Idea in tough situations

Let’s face it. You can’t have the right cards all the time in online rummy. So, when you are stuck in a tough deal with no cards or jokers to rely on, more than often it is wise to drop sooner and cut the deal with just 20 points rather than add up more in your tally by losing or dropping later with regret. This is a rookie mistake online rummy players can’t afford in real money tournaments.

  1. Pure Sequences Deserve More Credit

Forming a pure sequence should be a priority at all times in online rummy. More than often, it saves you big time be reducing your score to a smaller no. by cutting the number of points in the scoreboard in case your opponent declares before you.

  1. Be aware of the Colours

This one can be explained straight up. Let’s assume your deck is filled with red coloured cards in an online rummy game. In this case, it makes sense to assume that your opponents have more black coloured cards. So, this means you should try your best not to discard any black coloured cards during your first few moves and discourage him/her to form quick sequences with his/her existing cards by avoiding such dumb moves.

Advanced Rummy Strategy: Starting Hands in Online Rummy

This one is crucial and often has high impact in an online rummy game. Starting hands can be categorized into many kinds- Killer Hand, Winning Hand, Decent Hand, Rough Hand. With Killer hands and Winning hands, you are often blessed with near perfect connector cards with sufficient jokers to help you win the game within just first four moves.

Advanced strategies come into play usually in decent and rough hands where you lack the ideal cards to sail through victory. You will need time to look for cards to meld them perfectly. In cases like this, you must apply useful tactics to outsmart your opponents before they fool you. Take note of these online rummy tips and use such advanced rummy strategy in enough practice games before you dive in for cash games.

Where To Play Online Rummy In India

The internet boom has splashed in a number of rummy apps and websites to play rummy online in India. If you are still on the lookout to finding the real thing amongst this vast internet of things, we can help you with that today.

Take a look at these pointers and let us know if you agree with them.

  • Any app that’s 100% legit, legal and safe is worthy of your time
  • A game app must be backed by a powerful software to offer seamless gaming
  • It should offer multiple game types, preferably different variants of rummy such as Pool Rummy, Deal Rummy and Points Rummy
  • It must offer the widest number and variety of tournaments and games for a dynamic experience
  • It always helps if the portal offers regular bonus codes and promotions to boost your game
  • Leaderboard Rewards in tournaments to incentivize your run
  • Secured online transactions during deposits and withdrawals

<h3>An App that Packs a Punch</h3>

An app to consider in these lines is RummyBaazi (RB). A baby venture of the parent company, Baazi Games who have secured a solid space in online gaming in the past 5 years through the popular skill sport, poker and recently, fantasy sports. Currently, the online giants aim to rekindle the love for the game among online rummy fans with innovations and amazing tweaks in the online variant of this traditional card game. It certainly ticks all the above boxes with ease and that itself makes it an excellent choice for rummy fans to test this platform today.

You can enjoy a variety of tournaments, freerolls, cash games and free entry games too all year round with lots of prizes up for grabs on the winning corner. Currently available on Android, the RB app is snappy and responsive that makes playing rummy online a breeze. To add to that, the portal comes super charged with a class leading Loyalty Rewards program that’s jam-packed with a huge load of premium rewards that regular players can unlock by playing online rummy cash games on the portal. This impressive offering alone makes the online portal worth a few test games to begin with.

Final Takeaway:

It’s important to be vigilant and assertive especially when your rival is equally competitive in a real money online rummy tournament. With awesome tech savvy tweaks of the 21st century at quick disposal, we encourage you all to keep playing online rummy practice games to hone your game and juice up your bounty collection without wasting a single dull moment of your life.

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