6 Business Ideas You Can Start Today


Did you know it’s possible to start a lucrative career without an expensive degree? It’s always a good idea to have a solid education, but it’s not a financial possibility for everyone. While professional training can help you land your dream job, it’s not always the safety net people assume it to be. With internet businesses booming, there are several different options for careers that you can start today with no special training.

Consider tapping into the call center solution market, becoming a live chat specialist, or working as a customer service agent. Monetize a blog, talk to businesses about energy savings, or provide them with energy finance solutions. If you’re multilingual, you can become a translator. Or, test and write product reviews independently or for a company. Here are a few business ideas that you don’t need a particular degree to realize.

1. Start a monetized blog.


How about starting a blog? Whether it’s a personal blog or one that gives readers relevant information about current trends and newsworthy stories, it’s easy to set it up. If you want your blog to be an excellent small business option, consider writing about something that will help make the blog popular. Writing about the business world is a good option since it can connect you to sales teams and improve your ability to monetize your content.

Something to consider blogging about is energy savings and sustainable energy solutions. This is a topic that may help you tap into a profitable market since both small businesses and casual readers have shown a vested interest in it. Your blog can help connect business owners to different energy options and energy finance solutions.

Consider interviews with people in the field or write about the best practices for companies or homeowners who want to plan for a sustainable future. You can also feature companies like Centrica Business Solutions, which provides energy finance solutions along with energy savings. Tell your readers more about solar power, explain how businesses can get advanced energy solutions without any financial risks. This is a hot topic these days, and by featuring experts you’ll be able to gain clout and therefore expand your loyal readership.

2. Set up a chatbot agency.

A chatbot agency is an excellent small business idea, as it usually doesn’t take too much of an investment of time or money to set up. You can either build your chatbot or find a developer to do it for you. You can then sell chatbot services to small businesses and social media companies. If you partner with CRM call center software, you can offer small businesses and their customers more options.

From live chat options to contact center integration, this combination can help improve customer experience. You can use the call center software to have your chatbot do everything from customer support to help desk solutions. It can be a one-stop support team solution for small businesses to ensure customer satisfaction. It will help companies avoid hiring a call center salesforce without compromising on their customer relationship management services.

3. Become an app tester.

Companies are always looking for app testers to help ensure they launch their apps at the right time and to the right audience. These testers make sure apps are top notch, and this helps companies streamline them before the launch. Testers can even help increase sales by continuing to test everything from their efficiency to advanced features after the launch. App testers don’t always have technological skills, but it will help if you do.

You can test anything from an eCommerce application to a call center solution application. You can test mobile apps for everything from their initial design to their advanced features. If you don’t have outstanding technical abilities, you can test the efficiency of what companies offer to improve their mobile apps. It can also help them provide a better customer experience.

4. Become a translator.

Do you know a second language? If so, you already have all the right tools to become a translator. Some translation jobs require certification. However, you can usually offer translation services on the internet without any extra degrees or certificates. You can help businesses with phone support for international customer interaction. Or, you can set up an account on a job website to offer personal translating services. Businesses of all sizes often frequent job sites to find independent contractors for small translation projects.

5. Offer online courses.


If you have various skills that you’d like to share, consider starting an online course. Do you know about workflow and marketing automation? Start an online course to help business owners integrate CRM software into their companies. Do you have coding and software skills? Consider starting a course to help beginners develop mobile apps. If you have writing and editing skills, you can create an online course to help writers sharpen their skills. You can also offer online tutoring services for students.

6. Become a data entry specialist.


Do you have quick typing skills and an eye for detail? Data entry might be the right business for you. You can help businesses of all sizes transfer paper date into electronic data. You can help financial institutions log their customer information, reports, and bills. All you need are quick fingertips, internet access, and good marketing skills to sell your services.

Deepak Rupnar
After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.

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